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Le Marais holds the avant-garde reputation owing to its fashion and designer boutiques and latest designer shops. The neighbourhood is full of well-known fashion stores, designer clothing, accessories, skincare and perfume shops, making this area a popular shopping destination in Paris for shopaholics.


Get to shop anything from ceramic owls to green deer heads or paper lanterns and lamps in old jars. Opened in 2005, the store is based on the theme superfluous and the luxurious. The shopping complex is spread across a sprawling area of nearly 350 square metres housing huge collections of decorative and colourful design pieces.


This amazing bookshop attracts fashion and contemporary art magazine lovers. If you are looking for a good collection of fanzines, boutique publications, arty postcards and fashion accessories, the place to visit in Marais. The store also holds exhibitions like children’s art to modernist graphics.

Les Vignoles

Les Vignoles holds the reputation of representing Parisian and French identity. Whatever you will buy here will be a Parisian chic with inspired accessories, clothes and handbags. Chic, urban and quirky is the theme of the concept store, offering original selections of jewellery, ready-to-wear clothes and accessories.

I love my blender

This offbeat named shop sells accessories like no other – you can find dinky keyrings, penguin classics mugs and a bright selection of literature. A charming shop, it has stocks of a few of Christophe Persouyre’s favourite things such as board games, avant-garde oil paintings, postcards and assorted knick-knackery. The narrow little shop’s crowded shelves also storesan amazing book collection.

Florian Denicourt

To buy Parisian leather designer bags, there is no need to go to high-end department stores in London; you can find superb chic French-made leather bags in this small boutique. Look for some real good brightly coloured and hand-sewn vintage-style men’s shoes at a reasonably good price. For leather items you will love this place.

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