Best Places to Stay in Paris

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Paris

Paris is among the most visited places in the world, with beautiful attractions and friendly neighbourhoods. There are several serviced apartments in the city with top services and luxurious amenities, to give you a premium feel. Make sure to visit for as many as 789 serviced apartments. More apartments are added every day to your convenience.


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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Paris

The best places to stay in Paris are Le Marias, 1st Arrondissement, Saint-Germain-des-pres, and 8th Arrondissement.

The best shopping streets in Paris are Champs Elysees, Rue de Rivoli, Avenue Montaigne, Boulevard Saint-Germain, Rue Mouffetard, and so on.

In addition, there is a tonne of historical sites, botanical gardens, and architectural marvels to explore in Paris with your kids. Whether it's a trip to the Musee d'Orsay and the  Louvre for historical reasons. There is still a lot for families and young children to do here, such as spending the day at the Paris Zoological Park.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Paris

Paris is among the most visited places in the world, with beautiful attractions and friendly neighbourhoods. There are several serviced apartments in the city with top services and luxurious amenities, to give you a premium feel. Make sure to visit for as many as 789 serviced apartments. More apartments are added every day to your convenience.


The Best Area to Stay in Paris

Paris is known for its beautiful neighbourhoods, and if you ever visit this city, you may consider the following places:

  • Passy: Consider making Passy your home if you are lured to the neighbourhood's typical Haussman-style apartments and houses. This region of Western Paris is incredibly popular with families because of its peaceful, secure streets and abundance of open space. families of ex-pats, specifically. 
  • Batignolles-Monceau: The fact that Batignolles-Monceau provides something for everyone is one of its most alluring features. The arrondissement hosts some of Paris' most luxurious and least expensive lodging, accommodating any budget you may have. 

Best Area in Paris for Sightseeing

For anyone visiting Paris with friends and families, these are some of the places for sightseeing:

  • Eiffel Tower Summit: From the Eiffel Tower's second-floor observation deck, take in bird's-eye views of Paris. After that, take advantage of getting to the second floor and listen to your guide's fascinating stories and anecdotes related to the tower's unusual past.
  • Bateaux Mouches: Set out on a Seine River tour that departs at the base of the iconic Eiffel Tower. As you cruise beneath Paris's bridges and take in the sequence of stunning landmarks that line the waterway, you may learn about the city of Paris and the sites you see by listening to the narration.

Best Area in Paris for Shopping

It's not surprising that Paris has maintained its position as the world's epicentre of fashion. After monuments and museums, shopping is the second-largest annual draw for tourists. ‘

  • Louvre and Tuileries District: The Saint-Honoré fashion area, which is a part of the Louvre-Tuileries neighbourhood, is peppered with flagship stores from legendary designers like Hermes, Versace, and Saint Laurent yet additionally houses staunchly modern boutiques and concept stores. 
  • Boulevard Haussmann and the Grands Boulevard: The storied department stores of Paris are renowned for being entire universes in and of themselves. With authentic Belle Epoque grandeur, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department shops dominate Boulevard Haussmann. They house leading designer lines for both women and men,  home design, gourmet food shopping, jewellery, and even hardware in a maze of shopping delights. 

Best Places in Paris for Families

If you visit Paris with your family and children, these are places you can visit:

  • Palais Garnier: Begin your private 3-hour walking trip to one of the most spectacular cities in the world by meeting your family-friendly guide outside the Garnier Opera House, the source of the "Phantom of the Opera"'s inspiration.
  • Place Vendome: Place Vendome, a renowned Parisian square known for its chic and opulent hotels like the Ritz and where many illustrious dress designers held their salons, will be your route as you go. Napoleon's bronze column is also seen here.
  • Arc de Triomphe: You are going to discover the history plus way of life of Paris through entertaining games, picture competitions, trivia, and other activities suited for all ages, and you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time.
  • Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower, Paris' most well-known tourist destination and most recognisable landmark, is where the journey will come to an end at the Champ de Mars.

Best Area in Paris for Food & Restaurants

If you’re a food lover, do not forget to visit these restaurants and eateries in Paris:

  • Substance: Substance gives you a welcome jolt as soon as you walk in. In the evenings, customers should be prepared for a laid-back but discerning gastronomic audience; these patrons are either knowledgeable about chef Matthias Marc's resume, champagne lovers, or inhabitants of Western Paris. 
  • Clover Grill: Clover Grill is a chic establishment well-liked by the fashion and media set. It is a sophisticated French steakhouse that is equally suitable for a work lunch as it is for a leisurely meal with friends. Fillet, prime rib, or a burger made with beef are the obvious highlights here, but don't ignore the inventive beginnings like tomato tartare with stracciatella and basil or a wild sea bass gravlax with dill and lemon.

Best Area in Paris for Nightlife

Every nightlife hotspot in Paris is distinct due to each arrondissement's diversity, and for the best experience, you may consider the following places:

  • The Latin Quarter: While students rejoice in the clubs and pubs that stretch down the streets and offer cheap beer and tequila, more mature people will like the ambience-filled cafés and street-side dining. Since this country's native tongue was Latin, the Latin Quarter evolved into a neighbourhood that caters to students.
  • Le Marias: Le Marais, also referred to as the "queer quarter," serves a wide range of partygoers but primarily those who identify as LGBTQ+. There are several gay clubs, lesbian bars, and queer-friendly cafes, all of which promise to be some of the craziest evenings out in all of Europe.

Best Places in Paris for First Timers

If this is your first time in Paris, you might want to stay in the following places:

  • Rive Gauche or Rive Droite: The Louvre, Champs-Élysées, and Montmartre are just a few examples of the places you can find here. South of the Seine is where Rive Gauche (the left bank) is situated. The Rodin Museum, Musee d'Orsay, and the Eiffel Tower are just a few of the attractions there.
  • Montparnasse: Famous French authors like  Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as other notable individuals like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, have loved and transformed Montparnasse into a centre for the arts ever since it joined Paris in 1669.

Best Places to Stay in Paris for Tourists

For tourists, there are many great and affordable for tourists to stay, and some of these are listed below:

  • The 1st Arrondissement: The Mona Lisa at the Louvre, stunning stained glass at Sainte Chapelle, the practically unnoticeable Palais Royal Garden, fashionable shops along Rue Saint Honoré, glistening jewellers near Place Vendome, and Galerie Vero Dodat, one of the city's beautiful 19th-century arcades, can all be found in this area.  
  • 8th Arrondissement: Choose a hotel or apartment in the opulent Golden Triangle neighbourhood, the most opulent section of the 8th arrondissement, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of design, check out the newest trends in flagship stores, and designer showrooms and soak up inspiration in Paris' top fashion and design museums.