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 A fun, lively place that has lots of cafes on rue Oberkampf. Republique Paris is beautifully redesigned where one can enjoy a stroll along with the Canal St Martin. The area has always been ideal for business troops and vacation modes. Joining Republique Paris without an authentic local living experience can be incomplete. Picking an affordable serviced apartment in Republique Paris is a wise option to make because the abodes are top-notch with all possible modern requirements and have everything one might need when staying away from home without paying a bomb. 

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Our serviced apartments in Republique Paris have a wireless internet facility that brings in the best entertainment services along with flat-screen TV so that you can binge-watch your favorite shows on time. We have a fully equipped kitchen to ease up the cooking and kitchen shopping. You will find everything just like your home kitchen such as microwave, fridge, dining table and chairs, fine crockery, range of utensils, etc. The team here appreciates your leisure as well so we also have bicycle availability. You can borrow a bicycle on a paid basis. The abodes also have wooden flooring and a large windowpane for fresh air. 

Where to stay in Republique Paris

Our serviced apartments in Republique Paris are located in Youthful Canal Saint-Martin, Upper Marais, and the trendy 11th arrondissement. From the walking distance of the abodes, you will find Marianne. The area of Marianne is overhauled to make it more welcoming. Near Café Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, you can sit and gaze at the skateboards from the sidewalk terrace. The location is a famous spot for protesting. Paris's oldest market is for you if you are a fresh shopping geek. One of the stunning locations to wander around is Musee Picasso Paris. It is an area that unleashes the tastes of an artist. It is headed toward the Upper Marais. 

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More about Republique, Paris

Facts about Republique Paris

République Paris was initially called the Place du Château d'Eau. Just like this, there are other facts about this place that one should know. Some of the attributes include: 

  • Republique Paris is located on the 3rd, 10th, and 11th Arrondissements borders. It is spread into 3.4 hectares. 
  • It has a classy and massive monument topped by a statue of Marianne. The statue is the personification of the French Republic that stands in the middle of a sizable lively square. 


Weather at Republique Paris

The weather type is reasonably temperate. It is on the western side of Europe and closest to the sea. The weather is variable here. Republique Paris experiences harsh and cold weather during winter and spring. Summers are not very hot here as it is located near the sea. Our Paris Corporate Housing in Republique are designed with massive window panes so that you can capture the beauty of the sea and sunset. They also have facilities that perfectly align with the weather.