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Travelling to Paris, the City of Love and Light, is a treat for any traveller. But studio apartments in the city really bring the quality of the trip up a notch. These interconnected living spaces, with everything in a sleek open plan that’s ideal to curl into after a long day, really do deliver for business and leisure guests.

Why are studio apartments in Paris the perfect stay? For starters, their polished, furnished and open spaces make the wildness of the city seem a million miles away while having everything one could need delivers an easier form of living. Staying in one guarantees pure comfort to make the city come alive both inside and out.

Each studio apartment in Paris comes with the gorgeous amenities of home, like a fully equipped kitchen to make tasty meals, a cosy living space to relax in, a flat screen TV to watch all the big movie and TV hits, a dining table to entertain and a bed to recharge in for the next day. In short, studio apartments in Paris come with everything that a guest needs to make Paris their own.

However, finding the right place to stay is another thing. With Paris being so big, the options for any guest are endless. Some of the best neighbourhoods in Paris for studio apartments include Saint Germain, Montmartre, Le Marais, Champs Elysee and Latin Quarter. All of these neighbourhoods are ideal for any stay, as the posses the best attractions in Paris and robust connections to see the rest.

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