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Ternes is a beautiful city. Millions of people across the globe visit this place. For a business trip or spending a holiday with your family, you must stay connected to the public transportation facilities. Thus subway or local transport plays a major role. With our serviced apartments in Ternes Paris being closer to subways and metro stations it becomes easy.

Top Serviced Apartments in Ternes Paris

Each serviced apartment comes with serene, spacious, comfortable, and luxurious bedrooms. Modular kitchens and attached bathrooms with all required amenities make the stay luxurious. In these serviced apartments everything is taken care of. This includes deposits, maintenance costs, agency fees, bills, bedding, furniture, appliances, and accessories.

The elegant decor with glamorous Persian touch steals the show. Smart appliances, comfortable furnishing, and high-speed wi-fi connectivity make the stay a relaxable one. At an affordable price point, one gets everything. Though these serviced apartments with antique ambiance reflect a privileged lifestyle yet the neighborhood retains a friendly atmosphere. This beautiful place is a meeting junction for all kinds of people. Those with a sweet tooth will find interest in patisseries, and restaurants in this area.


Where to Stay in Ternes Paris

Bestowed with a peaceful atmosphere, the Ternes district is all about French luxury. Ternes is known for its quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Short Term Rentals in Paris, Ternes  located across cafes can be enjoyable. Also, antique markets can add a little spice to your stay. If you are seeking a stay with a touch of French glamour then you won't go wrong settling down here.

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More about Ternes, Paris

Facts about Ternes Paris

Ternes is straddling the northwestern 17th and 8th arrondissements of Paris. Also known as the Latin Quarter, it is often defined by Parisians as historic, chic, and welcoming. It was developed in 1860. Currently, it is one of the lively, commercial, and residential neighborhoods in Paris.


  • Ternes holds many pleasant amusements and surprises. These are best explored and discovered at a walking pace.
  • Besides green spaces, flower markets, and commercial areas, there’s the Parc Monceau and the Cernuschi Museum.
  • The Cernuschi museum was inaugurated In 1898. This museum offers an elegant collection of Asian art which is the second oldest of its kind in France.
  • Near this museum, a traveler will find Parc Monceau. It is a garden for spending time with your loved ones covering more than 8.2 hectares.
  • This pleasant garden includes a rotunda. It is an oval pond. it is bestowed with a Corinthian colonnade, marble statues of musicians and writers, and artificial follies.


Weather in Ternes Paris 

In Ternes, summers are comfortable, short, and partly cloudy. The winters are very windy, cold, and cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature is moderate. It ranges from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. And it rarely goes below 25 degrees Fahrenheit or above 88 degrees Fahrenheit.