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La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Offering a real taste of Czech, this restaurant earned the nation one of its three Michelin stars. All of the food is locally sourced and the restaurant itself is uniquely styled to guarantee an exceptional night out. According to rumour, the snails with leek are exquisite, as are the carp in almonds. If you really want to impress your business clients, then take them here.


Serving delicious Italian food, Divinis will have you wishing for more room in your belly. You’ll be able to gorge away on traditional dishes as well ones with their own spark of originality. To experience fine Italian dining at its most hospitable, you need to book a table here.

Cafe Imperial

Serving an exceptional menu, you can dine with friends, family and clients in the pleasurable atmosphere of Cafe Imperial at a great price. Featuring dishes like veal schnitzel and roe deer ragout with plums, you can enjoy tasty Czech dishes or even go for more western style dishes like the US hanger steak. No matter what you fancy, this is somewhere that has to be experienced.

Cafe Slavia

A traditional cafe in the centre of Prague, guests can enjoy Czech cuisine and international dishes at their leisure. With the National Theater, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle close by, you’ll be able to see these historic sites from your table as you sip your morning coffee.

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