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The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague has been an important centre of European history for many  centuries. From Empires taking control to people fighting back in revolutions (Prague Spring and Velvet Revolution), the city is now a hub of culture and European beauty.  It’s no wonder that travellers are constantly visiting for both business and leisure

Having suffered less than most European nations in air raids during WWII, Prague has been able to keep most of its historical architecture in tact with little renovations. Whether it’s the large complex of the Prague Castle or the exquisite beauty of the Charles Bridge, you’ll be able to explore a lot more historical sites. The city itself offers a whole array of restaurants and cafes that not only serve lush Czech cuisine but also serve international dishes as well. Either way, you’ll find the perfect spot to down a succulent meal with a nice beverage. With many shopping centres to choose from (Palladium, Quadrio and Myslbek to name a few), you can be sure to have a relaxing and pleasurable trek around big brands and independent stores; just make sure to make time and save up. With all this to explore, Prague will make your business trip a success.

Being a hub of Europe, the city has substantial links to the international community, notably through the Václav Havel Airport (one of the busiest airports in Europe). The efficient railway system links Prague with other European locations like Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest and Zürich. The city metro has three major lines, with a fourth planned, that connect travellers and locals all around the city.

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