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The county town in Berkshire, Reading has traditionally been synonymous with festivals, live music and a vivacious culture. The town is a major transportation hub and growing economic centre with a diverse demographic of people.

Due to its rising popularity as a centre for trade, several serviced accommodation facilities have started operating in Reading. Offering travellers a luxurious and comfortable stay in the town, opt for’s wide range of private serviced apartments that are equipped with modern furnishing and have access to necessary utilities. Every apartment listing goes through a vigorous exacting criterion that takes into account multiple determining factors for the most authentic results.

Here are the top choices for serviced apartments in Reading:

Certain properties may even offer luxury access to amenities such as a pool or a gym. Essential necessities such as daily linen change and access to laundry service are present for both long and short term travellers.

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Reading station
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Victoria House
Rates on Request
Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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1 Nights
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Apartment Types: 1 Bed |2 Bed
Reading station
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Castle Crescent
from $109/night
Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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1 Nights
Min stay
Apartment Types: 1 Bed
Reading station
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Queens Road
from $109/night
Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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1 Nights
Min stay
Apartment Types: 1 Bed |2 Bed
Reading station
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Faculty Apartments
from $123/night
Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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5 Nights
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Apartment Types: 2 Bed
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Projection West
from $141/night
Phone: +44 203-701-3010
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1 Nights
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Apartment Types: 1 Bed
Reading central
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Tamar House
from $125/night
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Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Steadily establishing a new frontier for professional business hospitality and travel, serviced accommodation in Reading is a comfortable and smart solution to the woes of the frequent business traveller. 

Consistently affordable while providing premium standards, traditional renting or motel hopping is a thing of the past. Offering more apartment space in regard to drawn-out hotel rooms, guests have the flexibility to transform the extra space into their own personal workout area or a mini business conference centre. 

The addition of an attached kitchen in several rooms, allows guests to cook their own meals.

There are no hidden expenses associated with a booking. In fact, contractual and legal elements such as maintenance fees, deposits, bills and agency fees are taken care of beforehand. 

Furthermore, the site for such accommodation is often precisely planned to be close to areas which act as major transportation hubs to the rest of the town. This allows speedy transit to major landmarks and attractions. 

Serviced accommodation is truly a chance for travellers to be in a home-like environment with the same luxury and privacy that they have come to expect in the comfort of their own homes.

Corporate Accommodation in Reading

Businessmen from all over Europe often stay in Reading to avoid the steep hike in prices over at London. Offering the same practical conveniences offered by regular serviced accommodation in the city of London, this county town offers several cheaper corporate accommodation opportunities for the frequently travelling businessman. 

Bespoke spaces have been meticulously designed in selective neighbourhoods offering busy business travellers an opportunity to turn their corporate accommodation into a retreat from work or a mini workplace. Every apartment is equipped with amenities such as high speed Wi-Fi, a modern kitchen, a flat screen, recreation space for work and much more.

Holiday Accommodation in Reading

Opposed to traditional renting, holiday travellers can take advantage of the fully furnished holiday serviced apartments scattered across Berkshire. Even though the town of Reading is relatively large, it has a unique small-town ambience to it. Offbeat travellers and savvy tourists may often end up in this town looking for deals in holiday accommodation.

Such accommodation often caters to the tourist’s desires in advance by carefully choosing its location in an area with convenient access to public transportation. Furthermore, popular eateries and shopping corners are often not too difficult to find in the vicinity. Tourists on holiday can browse through the catalogue of holiday serviced accommodation offered by’s extensive portfolio. The apartments are scattered over several areas, suburbs and villages including the suburbs of Cavershaw, Woodley, Tilehurst and Southcote.

Where to Stay in Reading

The diverse and vibrant town in Berkshire is well known for its lively festivals, rich history, poignant personalities and an active nightlife. A mere half-hour drive away from mainstream London, this is an ideal destination for people looking to dodge the chaotic bustle of London, while still having access to an array of entertaining activities.

Suburban style living is the choice of the locals, with the suburbs of Winnersh, Woodley and Caversham offering luxurious and secure accommodation. Long term travellers can retreat to these suburbs as they are located away from the tinkering town, but are within close access. The suburban folk have a tradition of engaging in activities such as watching football, attending festivals, going skateboarding, watching films or strolling through the parklands.

Younger travellers and even students can often be found through the much more happening Reading Town Centre. Only 30 minutes from London by train, there is a wide range of entertainment and employment opportunities in this area. Its central location, pulsating nightlife, zest for live music, art exhibitions and stand up poetry make this a desirable area to live.

Other areas to consider include Shinfield Village, the suburbs of Tilehurst and Southcote and the areas of Pangbourne and Calcot. 

Facts About Reading

Historically rich and culturally significant, the town of Reading is the largest town in Berkshire, South East England. 61 kilometres west of London, the town is situated around the River Kennet which proceeds to join the River Thames. It has been attributed with the reputation of being an important trading centre since as early as the 8th century. The current population of the county town is over 340 thousand residents spread over the 61 square kilometre region, marking a population density of 5608 people per square kilometre. 

  • The town was nicknamed by the Victorians as ‘Scarlet-Town’.
  • Biscuits are historically important to the town to the extent that it was to be renamed ‘biscuitopolis’ in the 19th century.
  • The author of ‘Emma’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Jane Austin was a student at Abbey School Reading.
  • The oldest dated song in the English language written around 1260 was found in this town.
  • Britain’s first female college professor, Edith Morley was appointed at University of Reading in 1908.

Over the years the town has grown as an important economic centre for trade and commerce by consistently expanding its industrial sector. Presently an integral railway junction, industries that flourish in this town include print, computers, engineering, biscuit production, iron casting, malting and brewing. In 2016 the town was even ranked second for its per worker economic contribution or GVA; with contributions per person averaging over £70,000. 

The town is 30 miles away from the London Heathrow Airport which is the closest option. Other accessible airports in London include London City Airport, London Luton Airport and London Gatwick Airport. Southampton Airport, 45 miles away from Reading is also not too far away. 

Cost of Living in Reading

Like most cities in the UK, living in this county town is expensive making it important to budget your stay. Traditional renting costs for a single person can fluctuate through £800 to £1000 whether you are staying inside or outside the city centre. Opting for serviced accommodation at such destinations can significantly cut costs and provide long term benefits. The catalogue of serviced apartments offered by has several long term benefits along with plush, furnished interiors and modern amenities.

Additional costs of water, electricity, cooling, heat and internet may vary as per the area but average around £200. Getting around the city on a monthly public travel pass will incur expenditure close to £60. Eating out, visiting the cinema and sporting activities are ample- catering to diverse budgets.

Tips for Visiting Reading

The United Kingdom is rather multicultural. The local life of the people in Reading and that in London is quite unalike. A few things to keep in mind on your visit:

  • Polish up your greeting style. It is customary to greet people upon entering a public place such as a shop or cafe. 
  • Also, people are extremely polite. Maybe multiply your ‘Thank-yous’.
  • It is important to use water judiciously. Locals are quite economical in using it.  
  • People here are quite fond of animals and pets. Avoid mentioning your dislike, if any. 
  • Although buses and taxis are plenty but exploring the bucolic beauty here is best done on foot. 
  • Taxi, post sundown, is the only available transport. Fares differ at night.

Things to Do in Reading

Historic ruins, eclectic shops and riverfront eateries define the cultural fabric of the town. From quirky street art, raging music festivals to pampering spa days, there is something for everyone. 

Q. What are some romantic destinations in Reading?

The charming, nestled away town is a great romantic getaway offering picturesque sceneries and an indulgent lifestyle. Couples could head over for a wine tasting tour at Stanlake Park Wine Estate. Berkshire’s largest vineyard organises regular private and public tours along with serving as a major wedding venue. 

Q. What are some free things to do in Reading?

Embracing the outdoors, the townsfolk have committed to creating a range of activities to immerse in without burning a hole in your pocket. Several parks that are spread across town offer residents a retreat amidst tranquil atmosphere. Basildon Park, Beale Park and nearby Wellington Country Park can be visited without breaking the bank.  

Q. What are the most fun things to do in Reading?

The town hosts the oldest annual pop music festival in the world. Pop artists from around the world draw in diverse crowds for a night of dance and celebration. The Reading Festival is held in the month of August with the line up being revealed as early as February for prompt booking. Traditionally evolving from a jazz festival to a pure rock venue, today a lot more pop sounds are featured. Notable musicians to have graced the stage include Cream, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and Pink Floyd.

Q. What are some relaxing things to do in Reading?

The town isn’t as busy as other mainstream cities offering a tucked-away haven around the next bend. A relaxing way to spend the day is by cruising down the Kennet and Avon canal which eventually leads to Bristol. Round trips originate at Kintbury, offering a glimpse into Victorian times. 

Q. What are some things to do with the family in Reading?

Shopping and outdoor dining in the Oracle is an experience for all people. The mall was constructed close to the River Kennet and opened in 1999. Presently it has grown to accommodate more than 100 stores with access to sort after brands such as Topshop, H&M, Zara, etc. The Oracle is also a major dining destination offering bistro menus and even fine dining opportunities.

Places to Visit in Reading

Despite a scarcity of monuments and public theme parks, the town rivals major cities in terms of local attractions and sightseeing. Check out the most interesting and fun places to visit in Reading below.

  • Highclere Castle - This pristine castle has been featured on several television shows drawing heavy crowds.
  • Escape Rooms - Can you solve the puzzles and crack the code in time? Head over to Audley Street in Western Reading.
  • Silchester Roman City Walls and Amphitheatre - Preserved ever since the 7th century, the abandoned amphitheatre holds tremendous legacy.
  • Reading Museum - A display of art, archaeological handicrafts and natural history with free entry. 
  • Newbury Race Course - Book your tickets in advance for a chance to place bets on the winning pony.
  • MERL - Dig up history, with more than 20 thousand illustrations at the Museum of English Rural Life.
  • Reading Abbey - Once a jail that imprisoned Oscar Wilde, today the Abbey ruins have been turned into a multipurpose open-air theatre.
  • View Island - Once a derelict boatyard, it has been transformed into a lush nature reserve.
  • Silchester - The excavated heritage site is dated to have been constructed in the latter period of the 1st century.
  • Museum of Berkshire Aviation - Check out traditional jets, planes, anti-submarine bombers, and more at this aircraft museum.

Places to Eat in Reading

Bursting with cafes and restaurants, the county town has several options to explore. Nepalese, Polish, Italian and British cuisine is consistently available from Cavernshaw to Reading City Centre. 

  • Lemoni - A lively venue at the Oracle, enjoy Greek food amidst Mediterranean ambience. 
  • Valpy Street Bar & Bistro - Seasonal classic offerings are on the menu.
  • The Reformation - The old school cottage-like pub in countryside Gallowstree Common specialises in homemade food.
  • Quattro - This 30-year-old establishment serves up authentic Italian cuisine and ambience. 
  • Honest Burgers - An assortment of staked and filling burgers to choose from.
  • Momo House - Offering authentic Nepalese cuisine at competitive prices.
  • Buon Appetito - A regional spin on traditional Italian flavours.
  • The Elm Tree - The joint serves up fresh and seasonal British food.
  • Piwnica - This cellar restaurant with its rustic decor offers Polish on the menu.
  • Coconut Bar & Kitchen - This Asian fusion junction specialises in Korean, Malaysian and Japanese.  

Street Food in Reading

The popularity of sports and music has made it such that Reading has a versatile street food culture. The town hosts two weekly markets on Wednesdays and Fridays. Locals and visitors come together at Market Place to enjoy the spread of street food on these particular days.

On Fridays, the street food market called CHOW, serves a mix of dishes from four distinct parts of the world. Mexican tacos, Greek wraps, Caribbean chicken and English Pie and Mash, along with an assortment of Georgian cuisine make for a truly global spread. 

Every Wednesday at Market Place, the Blue Collar street food market comes alive, offering the local vendors and traders a chance to put out what they have to offer. Native produce and techniques is the theme of this market; with Blue Collar being a medium to empower the developing and vibrant food culture. 

Shopping in Reading

Posh shopping malls accompanied by several indigenous shops and traders—the shoppers here get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The centre of the town is dotted with quirky little boutiques and traditional shops with malls at an approachable distance. 

A premier destination for a shopping expedition, other than The Oracle (the unrivalled most popular mall), would be Broad Street. This pedestrian market has numerous high-end brands to choose from. Visit the following local shops for interesting and flexible deals.

  • Creative Crafts & Workshops - Harris Arcade
  • Frock&Roll - 111 Watlington Street
  • Jacobs - 25 King Street
  • Just Imagine Memorabilia - Harris Arcade
  • Epoch3 - 139 Caversham Road

Transportation in Reading

Public transportation in the town rivals that of a city, with speedy access to trains, coaches, busses and even cycles. Peak hour congestion is a reality in this borough.  

A direct route to almost every part of the UK, Reading’s train network is an important interchange junction. Reliable and busy, the rail services even benefit airline passengers since the interchange leads directly to Gatwick, Southampton and Birmingham airport via train and Heathrow airport through the Railair Coach.

Travelling by bus is an integral need of the city as the routes extensively cover the entire urban district along with parts of the network extending to outlying surrounding village areas.

  • Reading Busses (entire urban borough)
  • First Travel  
  • Arriva South East 
  • Thames Travel 

While coaches operate at limited routes only, cycles can be picked up at a few docking stations including Green Park, Reading Station and Basingstoke road. 

Weather in Reading

It is essential to advance the plan for the weather of Reading since it can get quite cold during the core winter months. Several tourist activities and important landmarks may shut down temporarily during this time. 

The summers are typically short and warm with minimal cloud and wind. June and July are great times to visit with temperature fluctuating around 65 degrees Fahrenheit through the day. The longer colder season that runs from November through March sees day averages of below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cloud cover and rain is almost a constant part of the daily lives of the residence. With forecasts of rain year-round, October sees the heaviest showers in contrast to March which sees the lightest. The nights are usually cool and breezy year-round.

FAQs - Things to Know before booking Serviced Apartments in Reading

Q1. How many serviced apartments are available for booking in Reading?

A1. There are over 27 serviced apartments in Reading with more being added every day. In total, has over 100,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book now

Q2. What are the most popular luxury serviced apartments in Reading?

A2. The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Reading are Victoria House, Castle Crescent, Queens Road, Faculty Apartments, Projection West.

Q3. What is the price range of serviced apartments available in Reading?

A3. Prices start from $89 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book now

Q4. What offers are currently available for booking serviced apartments in Reading on

A4. To see a selection of Reading offers, please visit our offers and coupon page.

Q5. How do I search for the best serviced apartments in Reading on

A5. Choose a part of Reading you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here.

Q6. Do Reading serviced apartments provide breakfast, gym & other extra services?

A6. Some of the apartment buildings in Reading will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

Q7. Can I have guests in a Reading serviced apartment?

A7. That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Reading .

Q8. Why is staying in a serviced apartment in Reading better than a hotel?

A8. Serviced apartments in Reading have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

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