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Hong kong relocation guide - cost of living

Hong Kong Relocation Guide - Cost of Living

Chapter 3

Moving to Hong Kong : Cost of living

Moving to Hong Kong from any other part of the world will guarantee one thing: the cost of living in Hong Kong will be different to where you’re moving from. In chapter three, we outline the key expenses which you are likely to encounter during your relocation to Hong Kong.

In chapter three we examine the cost of rent, the cost of electricity, the cost of groceries, the cost of transport, the cost of leisure activities and the cost of healthcare, this chapter extensively focuses on the prices that you can expect to pay during your time in Hong Kong. The well-researched information that you will find in the 2018 Hong Kong relocation guide will provide insights that will help you calculate your average cost of living in Hong Kong. Get the most out of expat living in Hong Kong by understanding the cost of living in the city.

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