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An Insider’s Guide to Living in London

Healthcare services in London

This relocation guide help new Londoners and expats get settled in the capital. This e-book explores all of the practical issues you may face when moving to a new country and it answers the questions that many others have asked before you. Read on and learn about the London rental market, how to set up all basics and utilities, how to find a school for your child, leisure centres, groceries, taxes – and a lot more. The guide includes actionable insights and direct links to official websites that can help you along the way.

This issue covers everything you need to know about Healthcare in London.


An adventure a day, keeps the doctor away

So, you’ve done it. You’re relocating to London and you’ve thought of everything. The flights are booked and your new home is waiting. You have planned for every conceivable outcome – but what about the inconceivable ones?

Your healthcare strategy is unlikely to be the most inspiring aspect of your move, but it’s every bit as important as the place that you will be staying in.

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You’d be forgiven for assuming that Great Britain’s ‘free’ National Health Service (NHS) is on-hand should any medical issues arise, but in fact many new arrivals are required to pre-register or in some cases pre-pay for access to its services. Getting these contingency plans in place prior to your arrival will avoid any unnecessary stresses should you ever need medical attention.

In this chapter we will explain the basic NHS structure, any possible fees you may be confronted with and private healthcare alternatives. Please feel free to save this page as there is also a handy list of emergency contact numbers and hospitals for you to have (just in case) – leaving you to fully enjoy yourself in your apartment and surrounding areas.

This chapter includes:

3.1 Access to the NHS - If you originate from the EEA, Coming from Australia or New Zealand (plus), If you originate from outside the EEA.

3.2 Registering with a GP

3.3 Fees -Prescriptions, Dental Health, Eye care

3.4 Private Healthcare

3.5 Emergencies and Helplines - Useful Contacts Main Hospital, Veterinary Services

3.1 Access to the NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) is the main healthcare provider in the UK. NHS services are based on residency, and treatment is free for all those considered ‘ordinarily a resident’ of the United Kingdom.

All NHS patients in England are required to make a co-payment toward the cost of their healthcare through general taxation. Visitors that have applied for and are granted the right for settlement are considered ‘ordinarily a resident’ and can therefore make use of NHS services for free.