London Relocation Services : Guide to Public Transport

Chapter 5

Moving to London : Practical Tips

Once you reach London, you need to know what your travel options are.  This chapter in the 2018 London eBook forms the perfect guide to London’s public transport system and discusses all the ways in which you can get from point A to B seamlessly. Your first point of call when travelling in London should be getting an Oyster Card and/or understanding how to use a contactless payment card for public transport.

The London underground is synonymous with the city itself and has been for the last 150 years. With a historical snapshot of the tube map and links to useful resources, this travel guide will ensure that relocating to London is as uncomplicated as possible.

In the guide you will also find information on London transport fares, invaluable information for someone relocating to London. It will also help with understanding the different transport methods available to you including black cabs, London buses, Santander bikes and everything you need to know about the UK driving license as well as car insurance.

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