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Cost of living in paris for expat

Cost of Living in Paris for Expat

Chapter 3

Moving to Paris : Cost of Living

Moving to a new city involves its fair share of planning and a good understanding of how things work, from utilities, to rent to public transport and even food and drink. From the most important decisions to the smaller everyday ones, each has an impact on your cost of living and this is where the 2018 Paris eBook aims to help.

Moving to Paris will mean finding accommodation, which requires an understanding of the city and knowing which part suits your individual needs the best. Everything you need to know about various utilities such as electricity, gas, water, waste removal and internet is covered in this in-depth guide. You will also learn which utilities are included in your rent and which ones aren’t.

How much should you budget for groceries? How does Paris rank in the list of major cities across the globe when it comes to food shopping? How much does a meal for 2 cost? What about a pint of beer at a city centre pub? These are some of the questions this guide will answer for you, to help you make more informed choices in the future.

Once you’re in Paris, you will be moving around and understanding how to save money on public transport will help you a lot in the longer run. Learn abou the Paris Visite Pass and how the zone system works on Paris’ bus, metro, tramway and RER networks.

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