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Paris medical and healthcare for expat

Paris Medical and Healthcare for Expat

Chapter 5

Moving to Paris : Healthcare & School

The 2018 Paris eBook provides valuable insight into the city’s practical healthcare issues which any new Parisian might face. Moving to a new city with children requires extra research to be done before the move itself. The eBook takes you through the various childcare options available to your child in Paris, whether it’s pre-school childcare, day nursery, nannies or any other options, including the financial cost of each option.

Anyone with older children will also need to understand how the French education system works and the difference between primary and secondary school as well as private and state run schools. You might have questions such as: when does my child start school? which language is the curriculum taught in? Which schools are best suited to my child’s needs?

Parents of older children will also need to understand what the International Baccalaureate is. The 2018 Paris eBook touches upon the various universities in Paris, also known as grand écoles. You can also read about the different international  schools that are located in Paris.

The eBook also discusses your healthcare options as an international resident. You will read about how to register with a health insurer and how to find a doctor close to your home. The health care benefits available to you change with the amount of time you have spent in the country and this is something you can read more about in the eBook as well.

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