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Singapore Relocation Guide

Moving to Singapore: Expats Guide

Relocating to a new city can be a daunting prospect for anyone. This eBook is a free guide to help anyone moving to Singapore and to help expats to get settled into one of the most vibrant cities in the world, offering practical tips and advice for getting the most of your time in Singapore.

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Chapter 1 : Accommodation

Where to live in Singapore will be one of the first questions you ask yourself before moving to Singapore. Examining the average rent in Singapore, detailing the different neighbourhoods in the city and what is required to successfully relocate to Singapore, this chapter provides the perfect introduction to accommodation in the city.

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Chapter 2 : Travelling like a local

Renowned as one of the most efficient transport systems in the world, Singapore possesses a large network of public transport services that ensure travelling around the city is simple and cost effective. This chapter of our 2022 Singapore relocation guide offers practical tips for travelling around the city.

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Chapter 3 : Cost of Living

Regardless of where you’re moving to Singapore from, the chances are that the cost of living in Singapore will be different to where you’re moving from. Before moving to Singapore, it is important to understand the cost of living in Singapore before arriving in the city. This chapter of our Singapore relocation guide offers insights into how much it will cost to live in Singapore, ensuring you’re well placed to enjoy expat life in Singapore.

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Chapter 4 : Healthcare and Medical Service

When moving to Singapore, getting used to the country’s healthcare system will be essential and a big part of settling in. This guide to living in Singapore will explain how to pay for your healthcare, how much is funded by the government, how to get health insurance, buying medicines, registering with a doctor and healthcare for your pets. All of these points aim to make expat life in Singapore as hassle free as possible.

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Chapter 5 : Childcare and School

If you are moving to Singapore with children, knowing how to take care of them, especially if you have small children, is an essential part of relocating to Singapore. Whether you’re emigrating to Singapore from the UK or from any other part of the world, childcare and schooling going to be different in a new location. This ebook will help you get answers to everything related to childcare and schooling.

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Chapter 6 : Tourist Attractions

Singapore is a haven for tourists thanks to its warm climate, abundance of historical relics including some of the world’s most iconic temples and other unforgettable sites that continue to attract tourists. The ebook takes readers through a brief history of Singapore, shedding light on the present day attractions including theatres, museums, sports, parks and more.

You will also learn about the culture of this city including its Pan-Asian influences and the different cultures within the city that when brought together, form a truly cosmopolitan place to mode to. Aimed at someone visiting Singapore for a few days or Singapore expats, this chapter is truly insightful.

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