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Moving to Hong Kong : Expats guide

Shifting to Hong Kong anytime soon? Here is a handy guide that will help you in covering the basics. Shifting to any new city may be slightly intimidating although you will find a handy guide here to help you.

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Chapter 1 : Accommodation

When shifting to Hong Kong, you will naturally require convenient and comfortable accommodation for settling into the city. You can take your pick from serviced apartments in Hong Kong that come with the best furnishings, fixtures, and amenities including well-equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, appliances, flat-screen televisions, and more. These will double up as temporary homes away from home while you find more permanent accommodation in Hong Kong which is a really expensive city.

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 Hong Kong Accommodation Guide
Travelling Like a Local in Hong Kong

Chapter 2 : Travelling like a local

Here is a handy guide to traveling like a local in Hong Kong. From the MTR and the buses to tramways and taxis, there are options aplenty. In fact, if you are game for a unique traveling experience, try taking the Star Ferry. The ferry has cheaper tickets and you can readily get to Kowloon. Make sure that you have an MTR guide along with information on the latest updated fares for all other public transportation.

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Chapter 3 : Cost of Living

Hong Kong is one of the world’s costliest cities. A family of four will approximately need 30,000+ HK$ every month excluding rentals. A single person will need around 8,457 HK$ without rentals. Hong Kong is however slightly more affordable as compared to New York, once you take the rentals out of the equation. HK$40-50,000 will cover food, public transportation, personal purchases, and leisure costs throughout the year in most cases.

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Chapter 4 : Healthcare and Medical Service

Healthcare is almost free in the public sector for residents. Hong Kong is known for its highly evolved medical and healthcare system which has enhanced life expectancy greatly for citizens. Healthcare access is smooth in the city with its 43 public hospitals and 13 private hospitals. Private healthcare is also the second-costliest in the world after the U.S. The rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality are amongst the lowest rates in the world.

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Chapter 5 : Childcare and School

Every child is legally required to attend primary school after the age of six onwards. They also have to attend secondary school after getting their primary education. This will be completed before the child attains 18 years of age. The education system is robust in Hong Kong with several public and private institutions available for learners. The private schools charge slightly more although both public and private establishments uphold the highest teaching standards. 

Make sure you book your Hong Kong serviced apartments for settling into the city along with choosing the location, applying for your visa, and getting other formalities done beforehand.

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Chapter 6 : Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong offers a plethora of attractions and landmarks for tourists. These include the famous Hong Kong Disneyland along with the Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, Repulse Bay, and the Temple Street Night Market. Visit LKF or Lan Kwai Fong for enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife. With its bustling markets, excellent nightlife, top restaurants, lip-smacking food, and friendly locals, Hong Kong will certainly be a treat for visitors.

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