Attractions in Japantown, San Francisco

Peace Plaza

As the oldest Japantown in the USA, this neighbourhood is culturally significant and historically rich. The Peace Plaza is a top attraction in San Francisco, where many go to learn about the relationship between Japantown and its Japanese sister city, Osaka. Also nearby are the Origami Fountains, created by Ruth Asawa.

National Japanese American Historical Society

To learn more about Japanese culture and the history of Japanese people in America, visit the Historical Society. Here, you will find exhibitions and seminars on various aspects of Japanese culture.

Walking Tours

Japantown offers a self-guided walking tour, named the ‘Japantown History Walk’, for visitors wishing to learn more about the area at their own pace. Although the tour is self-guided, you’re sure to learn plenty about the neighbourhood – there are 16 informational signs along the 10-block route, explaining the most significant parts of the area and its history.

Konko Church of San Francisco

This church is well worth a visit – here, visitors can learn about ‘konko’, a peaceful meditative principle that is taught at the church. Visitors come from far and wide to experience the sense of calm, optimism and gratitude that the ‘konko’ principal endeavours to stimulate, and many return again and again.


Japantown hosts two major festivals each year – the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Nihonmachi Street Fair. The Cherry Blossom Festival involves a parade, music and martial arts performances, while the Nihonmachi Street Fair is a vibrant experience designed to raise awareness on issues faced by Asian Americans. Don’t miss out on these festivals – known as two of the top attractions in San Francisco.

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