Attractions in Nob Hill, San Francisco

Grace Cathedral

This neighbourhood possesses a cultural life of its own, centred on the Grace Cathedral. The cathedral is a top attraction near Nob Hill, and there is plenty to do here. Whether it is to attend one of the many services, enjoy a concert or simply to tour the venue, the Grace Cathedral is well worth a visit. The gothic building is not only an architectural marvel, but also a venue for arts, music and religion. The Cathedral is known for its spectacular mosaics, completed by Jan Henryk De Rosen. The mosaics, along with the Cathedral’s stained glass windows, forty-four-bell carillon and organs make it a spectacular place to explore.

Cable Car Museum

It’s difficult to think of San Francisco without those iconic cable cars springing to mind. One of the top attractions in San Francisco – the Cable Car Museum is the perfect spot for any visitor looking to get to know the ins and outs of the city’s famous transport network. The museum allows guests to get to know the mechanics and history of the cable cars, reminding everybody of their crucial role in the city’s life.

The Masonic

This is a renovated 1958 concert venue, which has continued to host big names in music throughout the years. From Ringo Starr to Meghan Trainor, the venue doesn’t discriminate when it comes to a particular genre – making it popular with people across all ages and demographics. Check out who’s playing during your time in San Francisco and head down for a night of music.

Huntington Park

This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon when the weather is fine. Constructed after the 1906 earthquake, the park is home to the replica ‘Fountain of the Tortoises’, and is a great spot to watch the locals walk their pampered pets.

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