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Facts About North San Jose

El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe was the first civilian who settled in San Jose. Knowing more about this place will always excite your hunger to visit here.

Our furnished apartments for rent in North San Jose get you closer to some of these exciting facts:

  • North San Jose was declared a city on April 3, 1979. 
  • This place was an agricultural community for the Spanish Colonies of Nueva, California. It was later remembered as Alta California. 
  • As the first city of California, San Jose was also its Capital. The place was also a state from 1849 to 1852. 
  • San Jose for the world is the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Companies like IBM, eBay, Cisco System, and Adobe find a home here. 
  • San Jose has come a long way from an agricultural center to a global technology hub. 

Weather in North San Jose

North San Jose has warm and long summers while the sky is mostly clear throughout. Winters here are short, wet, cold, and cloudy. Summers usually last for 4.1 months, where July is the hottest month. Winters generally last for 2.7 months, of which, December is the coldest month. Our furnished apartments for rent in North San Jose list amenities for all San Jose weathers. Our team awaits to welcome you.