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San Mateo is a well-maintained and rich city in California and furnished apartments in San Mateo are very popular. The lifestyle in the city enables one to enjoy the beauty of nature. The apartments in the area are well furnished and the infrastructure of the buildings is very comfortable like home. The location of the apartments is at a rich level of natural beauty and the atmosphere is peaceful. The apartment managers of San Mateo short term rentals provide good quality of service of swimming pools and gyms for travelers. The rooms in the apartments are well-designed and the mattresses are very clean and new in condition. The rooms are big and there is a good infrastructure of kitchen services in the rooms of the apartments.

Some of the best furnished apartments in San Mateo include:

Benefits of Booking Short Term Rentals in San Mateo

There are many serviced apartments in San Mateo and the apartments provide comfort and impeccable service to travelers. The apartments provide gyms for visitors in many cases and the rates for using the gyms are very cheap. The kitchens of the apartments are built with modern technology. The beds are comfortable and the windows offer stunning natural views. The swimming pools are very clean and the food services of the apartments also delight travellers. 

Corporate Housing in San Mateo

Many business people come to San Mateo and they need a proper place to stay for a short time and sometimes it may also extend to several days. There are many apartments for corporate personalities in the area. Corporate housing in San Mateo is very useful for those who work in remote jobs and come here to stay for several months. The apartments here offer many services for the users and this makes them feel at home. The apartments offer TV and free Wi-Fi for guests. Some of the top corporate housing apartments are Avalon Silicon Valley, Emerald Park, Vedant Apartment and many more.

Short Term Rentals in San Mateo

San Mateo is known for its short-term housing options and the apartments provide very good service. There are many apartments for corporate and leisure travellers here. You will find numerous furnished options in the area as well. Some of the top short term rentals include Bay Terrace, City South, Quimby, The Russel, and so on. Short term rentals in San Mateo are provided at affordable prices for all types of users. The apartments are built with great infrastructure and with modern technologies for enhanced comfort.

Holiday Apartments in San Mateo

Many people come to San Mateo to enjoy its natural beauty and the place has various special offerings for travellers. There are many parks in the area and lovely hills as well. The travellers can enjoy their holidays in the location and there are many apartments for the visitors to choose from. These ensure ample space for everyone in the family along with great daily essentials and facilities alongside. 

Where to Stay in San Mateo

San Mateo offers premier furnished apartments for staying with friends and family. There are many holiday apartments in the location. Kasa the Catrina and Ivy Apartments are some of the best apartments in the area. Coyote Point Recreation Area is a very beautiful place in the area and there are many apartments nearby. The Hiller Museum is another popular attraction here and you will find numerous apartments near it as well. 



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There are over None serviced apartments in San-Mateo with more being added every day. In total, TheSqua.re has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in San-Mateo are

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That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in San-Mateo serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsSan-Mateo have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

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San Mateo Short Term Rentals

More About San Mateo

Facts About San Mateo

San Mateo is one of the richest cities in California and the city is well known for its natural beauty and there are some huge parks too. Here are some facts about the city that you should know.

  • San Mateo is known for its plethora of industries and tech companies. 
  • The area offers many educational institutes and health centers and is very near to the Pacific Ocean. 
  • The Bay of San Francisco is on the east side of the location. 
  • There are three freeways going through the city, namely the California State Highway 92, Interstate-280, and the U.S.-101. 
  • It is called Paris of the (San Francisco) Peninsula. The Montara Mountain range shields it from the Pacific Ocean, leading to a mild and pleasant Mediterranean feel throughout the year. 
  • The city’s name derives from Saint Matthew. Till 1850, the name was San Matheo

Cost of Living in San Mateo

Cheap restaurant meals cost $19-20 on average, while one-way transportation tickets come for $3.50. Monthly passes cost $132 as well. Monthly utility costs hover around $180, while rentals for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre can be around $2,889. This comes down to $2,525 per month for a one bedroom apartment outside of the city centre.

Tips for Visiting San Mateo

  • There are many airports in the area like San Francisco International Airport, Oakland Airport, and San Jose Airport. You can choose an airport as per your convenience. 
  • The area has rail services and there are three railway stations- San Mateo, Hayward Park and Hillsdale.
  • Cars are the predominant form of transportation. 
  • Do check out the Old Downtown zone for its attractions. 
  • The city is home to several parks and green spaces for enjoying leisure time. 

Things to Do in San Mateo

1. What are the most popular things to do in San Mateo?

The area offers many places for visitors including the Japanese. Old Downtown in San Mateo is also a popular place to visit. One can shop from the Hillsdale Shopping Centre and everybody can enjoy cycle rides, as there is a long track for riding beside the hills.

2. What are some free things to do in San Mateo?

There are many places to enjoy in the location, which are free to use. The San Mateo Japanese Garden, Central Park, Laurelwood Park, and Seatpoint Park are some of the famous free places here.

3. Does San Mateo have many romantic attractions?

Many places in the area offer romantic ambiences for couples. Hilton Garden, Crowne Plaza, Porter House, and La Lanterna are some of the romantic places in the area.

4. What are the most family-friendly things to do in San Mateo?

There are many places to visit with family and friends and the places are well-maintained as well. The Coyote Point Recreation Area and San Mateo Central Park are family-friendly attractions that you can check out.  

5. What are the more unusual things to do in San Mateo?

The unique and unusual places in the area are the Winchester Mystery House, Hiller Aviation Museum, Filoli, and many more.

Places to Visit in San Mateo

  • Coyote Point Museum- This is a unique science museum and zoo for children, housing 100+ rescued animals. 
  • Horseshoe Cove- Go paddling here with plenty of other attractions for company. 
  • Ice Center- Skating becomes more enjoyable at this unique landmark. 
  • San Mateo Arboretum- From historic trees to a lovely atmosphere, this is a must-visit for horticultural enthusiasts. 
  • Hiller Aviation Museum- From the history of aviation to drones, flight Sims, and other exciting attractions, this landmark is definitely worth a visit. 
  • Winchester Mystery House- Uncover the mysteries at this intriguing mansion, that was once the home of Sarah Winchester. 

Places to Eat in San Mateo

There are many restaurants in the location including the Pausa Bar and Cookery, Jack's Restaurants and Bar, Rise Wood Fire San Mateo and more. 

Street Food in San Mateo

The area has many street food centers like Street Food Cafe, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, Pantry family Restaurant, and many more.

Shopping in San Mateo

Some of the best shopping centers in the location are the Great Mall, Hillsdale Shopping center, Shore view Shopping center, Bridgepointe Shopping Centre, and so on.

Transportation in San Mateo

There are BART stations throughout the city.  At the same time, there are several nearby airports as well. SamTrans bus services are also available across the city. 

Weather in San Mateo

The weather in the area is mild and cool and the weather remains dry in the time of summer and wet in the time of winter.