Top Serviced Apartments in Shanghai

Fully Furnished Apartments in Shanghai

Serviced apartments in Shanghai are ideal options for short or long term travelers alike. Shanghai is one of the world's greatest cities and comes with a plethora of accommodation options for guests. We offer the best serviced apartments that help you work and play in style while offering privacy and comfort simultaneously.

Here are Top 10 Best Serviced Apartments in Shanghai For Travellers:

  1. Nanjing Rd Apartments
  2. Biyun Rd Apartments
  3. New Pudong Apartments
  4. Jin Qiao Apartments
  5. West Zhijiang Rd Apartments
  6. Wuchang Rd Apartments
  7. Qifan Rd Apartments
  8. Wulumuqi Rd Apartments
  9. Minhang Apartments
  10. Shenhong Road Apartments

Our luxury short term rentals in Shanghai come with the best kitchen amenities, flat-screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, private access and room cleaning among other facilities. We also offer concierge and other services wherever available. Our fully furnished units ensure practical yet comfy accommodation solutions in Shanghai for extended durations.

Benefits of Furnished Apartments in Shanghai

Our furnished apartments in Shanghai are the preferred accommodation choice for business and leisure travelers alike. Of course, considering the benefits available, they are indeed the best choices. They are better alternatives to regular rental accommodation in Shanghai. They offer the right mix of convenience and comfort for guests. 

Why are our Shanghai serviced apartments immensely popular? You do not have to worry about any legal, contractual and other aspects. The agency fees, bills and deposit worries are covered. Furnishings, fixtures, bedding and other amenities are also provided. 

Serviced apartments usually lie in proximity to transportation options like Underground and metro stations and key thoroughfares. Some apartments also come with swimming pools, gymnasiums and other equipment. 

You will find that our apartments are ideal choices for extended Shanghai stays. They will help you savor the feel of the city and its localities for the long haul. Shifting here does not always have to be a stressful affair. 

Being serviced accommodation experts, we understand how our guests want a place of their own to call home. We make sure that they get luxurious, warm and comfortable apartments. We provide all the vital amenities and connectivity benefits. We also strive to ensure the best service with a personalized touch. We take pride in addressing all issues quickly in the bargain. 

Corporate Housing in Shanghai

Our corporate housing in Shanghai options are ideal for business travelers. They come equipped with the best amenities and facilities. Find everything you need from bathroom amenities and comfy beds to well-equipped kitchens.

Enjoy plush furnishings and ample space alike. Use free Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions along with accessing public transport nearby. You can also expect to stay connected to nearby business and commercial hubs alongside. Our corporate housing units take care of all your needs, right from recreation to practicality. 

Holiday Apartments in Shanghai

Our Holiday apartments in Shanghai offer the best comfort, space and practicality for travelers. You will enjoy ample privacy with the best furnishings, appliances and fixtures. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, well-equipped kitchens and security features.

Swiftly access nearby business and commercial hubs along with public transportation. Get access to leading tourist landmarks along with shopping and dining hubs in the vicinity. You will love the sheer space on offer for everyone in the family. Our units offer enjoyable experiences during your stay in Shanghai. 

Where to Stay in Shanghai

Shanghai is home to several diverse and beautiful neighborhoods. The Bund and People’s Square is the downtown zone which has several landmarks. Old Town offers a more traditional glimpse into traditional Shanghai while French Concession is a quaint and culturally enlivened neighborhood. 

Other options include Jing’an serviced apartments which is home to a vibrant community with a global feel overall. Pudong is a newly blossoming locality with several skyscrapers and high-rises. Hongkou and North Shanghai are also good options for a localized Chinese feel while Xujiahui and South Shanghai are worth considering if you love shopping and simply hanging out in general. 

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More about Shanghai

Facts About Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the four directly governed People’s Republic of China municipalities. It is under the governance of the State Council. Shanghai lies along the Yangtze’s southern estuary with the Huangpu River flowing through the locality. Shanghai is a global center for technology, finance, manufacturing and research. 

  • Shanghai is the biggest city in the world by way of population. 
  • It has the world’s longest metro network with 400 miles of tracks and 393 stations. 
  • Shanghai also has the fastest train in the world, namely Shanghai Maglev which links to the Pudong International Airport. 
  • Shanghai fuses modernity and history with diverse cultures. Shanghai was earlier sub-divided into U.S, British, Chinese and French concessions. 

Shanghai has a flourishing economy as a global hub of innovation and finance. It is also a national center for trade, commerce and transport. The Port of Shanghai is the busiest in the world while GDP touched CN¥ 3.82 trillion as of the year. The biggest industries in the city include IT, retail, real estate, fiancé, automotive manufacturing and machine production. 

Shanghai is one of Asia’s biggest air transport hubs with two commercial airports. They are the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The latter is the primary international airport while the former majorly takes care of domestic flights. 

Cost of Living in Shanghai

A meal at a regular restaurant costs ¥20-52 while a mid-range meal will cost ¥250. A one-way transportation ticket costs ¥3-5 while a monthly pass costs ¥200. Utility costs start at ¥386.56 on average. 

Monthly rentals are usually between ¥3,000-30,000 for 1 and 3 bedroom apartments within and outside the City Center. 

Tips for Visiting Shanghai

Here are some tips for visiting Shanghai: 

  • The Chinese Government mandates a working week of five days between Monday and Friday. Work timings are 8 hours a day between 9.30 AM-6 PM usually. There is a break between 12 PM-2 PM. 
  • Restaurant timings are generally between 11 AM and 2 PM and 6 PM and 9 PM. 
  • Shanghai has diverse vegetarian food available if that is what you were worrying about. Eggplant dishes are specialties here. 
  • You can take the Maglev from the airport into the city and local taxis thereafter. 
  • There are 16 Shanghai metro/subway lines and you have directions in English for maximum convenience. 
  • You should keep it friendly and warm with Ni Hao or Hello as your greeting at social outings. 
  • Tipping is not really encouraged in Shanghai or most parts of China except in a few posh locations for private services. 
  • You will find Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go, from restaurants and cafes to bars along with passwords on the go. 

Things to Do in Shanghai

Shanghai offers several fun things to do for tourists. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Shanghai?

The most popular activities in Shanghai include visiting the Yu Garden, City God Temple, China Pavilion and also the Bund. You can check out the Jade Buddha Temple and Shanghai Museum alongside. 

Q. What are some free things to do in Shanghai?

Some free things to do include checking out the Shanghai Museum and appreciating art at the M50. You can also check out the Chinese Pavilion at the China Art Museum along with picnicking in Fuxing Park or Century Park. You can also check out the Xuhui Riverside Park. 

Q. Does Shanghai have many romantic attractions?

Romantic attractions include Yuyuan Garden, The Bund and Garden Bridge Shanghai. Other options include Huangpu River Cruise, Hengshan Road Bar Street and Shanghai Peace Hotel along with Changfeng Park.

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Shanghai?

Family-friendly things to do include the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, Huangpu River and Shanghai World Financial Center. Other options include the Pudong New Area and Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. 

Q. What are some unusual things to do in Shanghai?

Some unusual things to do include the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai Natural History Museum, 1933 Cattle Slaughterhouse and Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall. You can also visit Shanghai Circus World. 

Places to Visit in Shanghai

Here are the best places to visit in Shanghai:

  • The Bund – Bund is a wonderful promenade covering the Huangpujiang River’s western bank. It has a colonial vibe and houses several boutiques, restaurants, offices and galleries alike. It is a great place to walk at night and day alike. Take in the 52 novel structures here, showcasing art-deco, Gothic, Renaissance, neoclassical and baroque influences. Find Huangpu Park at the northern end of the promenade.
  • Yu Garden – The Yu Garden lies towards the old town and was laid out back in the year 1559. It is also called the Garden of Happiness, covering 20,000 square meters in all. The Outer Garden, Hall of Spring and Inner Garden are worth visiting by all means.
  • Jade Buddha Temple – The Jade Buddha Temple lies in the city’s Anyuan Lu district. There are two statues of Shakyamuni brought by monk Huigen from Burma. The current structure came up in 1928, substituting the 1882 original. Check out the Hall of the Kings of Heaven and Hall of the Great Hero among other attractions here.
  • Longhua Temple & Pagoda – The Longhua Temple is one of China’s oldest religious destinations. It came up in AD 242 with its 40-meter wood and brick pagoda. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the years. Many important Buddhist ceremonies still take place here and there are 5 massive halls.
  • Oriental Pearl Tower – Visit the 468 meter tall behemoth in Pudong-Park along the Huangpu River’s eastern bank. It offers panoramic views and came up in 1991. It has 11 connected spheres of varying sizes. The Space Module has an observation deck at the 350 meter threshold. The glass outdoor deck is mind-boggling. There are 15 viewing zones in total. The Space Hotel, shopping mall and revolving restaurant are other attractions.

Places to Eat in Shanghai

Shanghai is known for its delectable cuisine and bevy of restaurants. Find Lost Heaven which offers the best Yunnan meals while Old Jesse is all about local picks. Jian Guo 328 offers a cozy ambiance while Hengshan Café offers Cantonese meals that will take your breath away! Other top picks include Mr and Mrs Bund, El Willy Spanish, Hakkasan and more. 

Street Food in Shanghai

Shanghai street food is flavorful and diverse. Xiao Long Bao is worth savoring along with Shansi Leng Mian or eel noodle bowl. You will savor Dou Hua or the comforting dessert along with the Jianbing breakfast fare which is extremely popular. Other foods worth trying on the street include old-school BBQ Shaokao and Cifantuan which are actually glutinous rice balls

Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai shopping is all about frequenting the bustling Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road along with Yuyuan Garden’s outdoor bazaar. Check out the Cultural Street Market on Fuzhou Road and the Shimen Road clothing market. Xintiandi is another upscale shopping joint.

Transportation in Shanghai

The Shanghai metro rapid transit integrates light metro rail and subway lines, covering the entire urban district and suburban districts. There are numerous metro lines, more than 400 stations and a whopping 704.91 km (it is the world’s biggest metro rail system).

The Shanghai Maglev train is the fastest commercial Maglev in the whole world. Major railway stations include the Shanghai South, Shanghai, Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai West stations. There are the Shanghai Pudong International and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airports.

Weather in Shanghai

The best time to visit is between the months of October and November. The autumn season has better temperatures and lesser crowds. Summer is the peak season for tourists. Winters are chilly while spring is a good time to explore as well.