Attractions Near Chnagi

Singapore Expo:

This huge exhibition centre is one of the top attractions near Changi, and offers a huge range of events and exhibitions for the public to browse. From design exhibitions to electronics shows and fashion events, this versatile space is the perfect place to introduce some variety into your stay. This summer’s events include the 100% Home Fashion event, the Harvey Norman Sale and the Triumph Summer Sales. However, with a huge and varied calendar, the Singapore Expo is worth researching in advance to find something of interest to you. Also offering conference and meeting rooms, the Singapore Expo is a great place to know about for corporate events and business needs.

East Coast Park:

With sunshine, nature and exceptional views of the city, the East Coast Park is one of the top attractions in Singapore. Pay the park a visit and watch the locals as they walk, run or cycle along the tree-lined paths, let yourself be entertained by the skateboarders, or sit on the sandy beach and watch the water lap up against the shore. This huge park has plenty to explore, so visit it a few times over a number of lunch breaks, or spend the entire day here. Bring friends or family and a picnic, and you are guaranteed to have a great day.

The Changi Museum:

This museum offers visitors the opportunity to get to know the Changi area, its history and its significant role in a number of Singapore’s historic events. Educating its visitors on the Japanese Occupation, the Changi Prison and more, it is the perfect place to gain an in-depth knowledge about Singapore, its history and its culture.