Places to shop in Changi

Changi Airport:

Airports are typically only visited out of pure necessity, and the visit to an airport terminal is never eagerly anticipated. However, as the frequent traveller will be well aware, Changi Airport Singapore is an exception to the norm with its spectacular modern architecture, luxury atmosphere and excellent range of shops – so excellent, in fact, that the airport is considered one of the top shopping destinations in Singapore. With a huge range of options before and after security, visitors can pick up clothes, accessories, cosmetics and travel goods from Changi Airport, with a huge range of designer brands on offer.

112 Katong:

Although this mall is far separated from its Orchard Road competitors – both in distance and in design – this shopping mall is always a pleasant surprise. Frequented by locals, expatriates and tourists, this unpretentious shopping centre offers a good range of fashion, accessories, food and more. With a movie theatre and a playground also, it is the perfect shopping area near Changi to bring the family.

Katong Shopping Centre:

This is one of the best shopping centres in Changi for excellent quality local businesses. From an optician to a printer service, this mall is the perfect place to find any local service you might need during your stay. The mall has hardly changed since its arrival on Singapore’s East Coast, so expect a slightly more old-fashioned design and some long-standing businesses. Packed full of old Singaporean character, it is a far cry from the modern super-malls – but is worth a visit in its own right.