Places to eat in Novena

Tomi Sushi:

With sleek wooden fittings and a fresh, modern atmosphere, Tomi Sushi is the perfect stop for lunch. The restaurant offers affordable lunch sets, which will only set you back S$20 or so. Tomi Sushi is known for its sticky rice – in part due to the restaurants exclusive use of 100% Niigata Koshihikari Rice. This is one of the best restuarants in Novena for a fresh and healthy lunch away from the office, or a leisurely meal with friends on the weekend.

La Ristrettos Cafe:

If you’re lucky enough to work in the Novena Medical Centre, then you can call this artsy café your local – however, visitors often flock to the centre just for a cup of coffee or a meal in the café, which is known for its serene 8th-level view of the buildings alfresco garden area. The perfect spot for an Instagram photo, this café is incredibly pleasing to the eye – and offers the coffee to match. The café has also set up a communal dining table in the centre of the room – perfect for larger groups or for a more integrative dining experience with other patrons.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice:

One of the best restaurants in Singapore for chicken rice, Wee Nam Kee is long established in the city and boasts a large and loyal following. Over 26 years of operating in the city has left this place an expert on the perfect chicken and rice dishes, which are ideal for lunch or dinner. Be warned – the restaurant is so popular that service times can often be slow, so this is not a restaurant to visit in a rush.