Attractions in Orchard Road

ION Sky Observatory

If you tire of shopping in the vast ION mall, then why not visit the ION Sky Observatory? Known as one of the top attractions in Singapore, the observatory is located within the ION Shopping Mall and offers sweeping views of Singapore. Take in the city lights by day or by night and take some seriously enviable photographs of the view!

Fort Canning Park

Not all attractions near Orchard Road are located inside a state-of-the-art mall! Fort Canning Park, located close by, is a vast green space in the heart of Singapore. Filled with colonial artifacts and historical information, a trip to Fort Canning Park can also be the perfect opportunity to learn more about Singapore’s rich history.

SG Flight Simulations

Ever wondered what it might be like to pilot a plane? At the SG Flight Simulation inside the Orchard Central Mall, you can find out. Step inside the simulator and take control of an Airbus A320, in the most realistic simulation available. Real-life equipment is combined with a 180 degree curved screen to provide a fully immersive experience, perfect for anybody from curious tourists to aviation enthusiasts.

Pop and Contemporary Fine Art

Home of Singapore’s best pop art and sculptures, the Pop and Contemporary Fine Art gallery is a must-see for anybody spending time near Orchard Road. Visit the gallery to observe the artwork of Burton Morris, Andy Warhol and other well-known names – and receive professional advice from the art specialists working in the gallery if you wish to make a purchase.

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