Luxury Serviced Apartments in Sydney

Top Furnished Apartments in Sydney

Our serviced apartments are the ideal choice when you want to enjoy the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia.The city of Sydney itself boasts many attractions that will tick all the right boxes, no matter whether you’re in the city for business or leisure. From beaches to galleries, parks and museums, any short or long-term stay will be the more than exemplary. 

As the ideal alternatives to hotels, our range of serviced apartments in Sydney are always fully equipped with all amenities provided for and are centrally located so you can be near the best spots in the city. Stylish and spacious, our apartments complement the vibrancy of Sydney.

There are many top apartments to be found in our diverse portfolio. Each one is aptly furnished with features that will have you feeling right at home in no time. And then there are the apartments that go above and beyond. The ones that have that special something that makes them stand out from the rest.

Top 10 Furnished Apartments in Sydney for Tourists and Travellers

  1. Riley Street Penthouse Apartments
  2. Oaks Sydney Castlereagh Suites
  3. Kent Street Apartments
  4. Albion Way Apartments
  5. College St Serviced Residences III
  6. York Street Apartment
  7. Pacific Highway Apartments
  8. Harbour Street Apartments
  9. Mooltan Avenue Apartments
  10. Walker Street Apartments

Suitable for leisure and corporate stays in Sydney, our apartments are fully fitted with comfort and convenience at their core.

If you are looking for service apartments, we have a range that are ideal for business or leisure. Short term rental in Sydney are available, if you are looking for a short stay. Each serviced apartment comes with all amenities included.

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Sydney

Our team of property experts knows that the features and amenities are what can make and break the perfect stay, just as much as the location will do.

That’s why we monitor and analyze each apartment that is uploaded to our website, so you are always staying in the very best apartment, with everything you’ll ever need.

From a fully equipped kitchen that makes home cooking super easy for you, your friends and family, to free Wi-Fi that ensures working from home and connecting to loved ones can happen without interruption and a flat screen TV for evening entertainment, our apartments have you covered.    

Plus, you may even have access to a gym, sauna and pool depending on the building that you’re staying in. 

Types of Serviced Apartments in Sydney

Not all stays in Sydney are going to be the same. Some bookings may be for solo travelers on business while others may be group bookings for the sunny getaway, Whichever one you fall into, we have an apartment that will more than meet your needs. 

Here are the Types of Bedroom Apartments in Sydney you can Book:

  • Studio Apartments Sydney - When you’re on your own, or you and your partner want an open-plan and private space, these are the living spaces to go for.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments Sydney - If the open-plan space isn’t private or convenient enough for you or your loved one, then this is the next best choice.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments Sydney - When you and your small family or group need an extra bedroom, this assortment is more than perfect.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments Sydney - For those slightly bigger Sydney groups, these apartments have the spacious and stylish designs that you and your group will require.

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Where to Stay in Sydney

There are some top neighborhood in Sydney city which are preffered by travellers which include serviced apartments in Rhodes is the perfect for family vacation with kids, serviced apartments in Parramatta is one of the prominent commercial centers and suburbs. If you like to do shopping and  go to top place to eat then serviced apartments in Surry Hills is the best for you and many more .

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More about Sydney

Tourist Attractions in Sydney

The city of Sydney has many landmarks and places to visit that leave you spellbound. Whether it’s the galleries and the museums or the more obvious spots like Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach, you will have plenty to see. Plus, our Sydney accommodation will never be too far away either so you can catch a quick ride on public transport or head onto the top spots on foot. 

Our apartments in Sydney are near the following landmarks:

  • Bondi Beach - Sydney’s top beach and the best destination if you want a suntan, Bondi Beach is ready to thrill you. Go for a leap in the waves and sizzle in the boiling hot sun. Otherwise, bring a ball and have a game with mates and fellow travelers on the beach. Get out there and enjoy the sun while you can.
  • Sydney Opera House - One of the most-visited attractions in the city, and the nation of Australia itself, be sure to catch a show here if you can. It’s a multi-venue performing center so you should be able to see something spectacular, from orchestras to drama. And if for some reason you can’t get in, then you can always take a selfie alongside the magnificent architecture during the day or night. Whether you get inside or not, this is a must-see.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge - One of the longest steel arch bridges in the world, this is a marvel of Australian engineering. It is as impressive as it is pivotal. Be sure to drive or take a train across the bridge to take in the distance and get a few snaps of the sights from the bridge.
  • Royal Botanic Garden Sydney - This 30-hectare garden is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Australia. Living up to its reputation, you can see and indulge yourself in a variety of plants, flowers and other botany marvels. The colors and smells will really engage the sense, and taking a few pics doesn’t hurt at all either.
  • Sydney Tower Eye - Sydney’s tallest structure and the second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, if you want stunning views across the city then look no further than this great beast of a tower. Go to the observation deck and take a few snaps, as well as a few selfies. If you go up at the right time of day, you will be able to get a pic of the sunset.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Australia - Containing over 4,000 works by Australian artists, this gallery shows off the best work on the continent. Be dazzled by what the brightest artists of today are offering when they interpret the confusing world with a paintbrush or other materials. 
  • Australian National Maritime Museum - Consisting of six museums, they each tell a different part of Australia’s story on the waves. From its founding to the aborigines relationship with the water, naval defense and the nation’s foreign relations with Australia, this is a must-visit if you want to see the history of the nation and how it has shaped the Australia we all know today.
  • Botany Bay - This is where the nation was founded in 1770. While the history of the nation can be a continuous matter, this is still a vital landmark of history and should be visited to understand Australia’s story. Be sure not to miss it off the list.
  • Museum of Sydney - If you love walking around historical collections then this is another top attraction for you to head to. Take a long walk around the exhibits and see the city and Australian nation from a new perspective. You could easily spend the whole day in here looking around the pieces on display.

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Restaurants in Sydney

Like all major cities in the world, Sydney has a scrumptious and flavorsome food scene. With Pacific delights, as well as a few European and American helpings, you can savor much in this fine city. Just bring your friends and family out with you and pass the tasteful dishes around.

Find some of the best restaurants in the city, including:

  • Lankan Filling Station - Enjoy a wide range of flavors when you head to this great beacon of scrumptious grub. Dine on curries, sambals and so much more when you choose to come to this small but nourishing establishment.
  • Quay - If you want a fine dining experience when you’re next in Sydney, then you have to come to this creative and flavorsome peak of Sydney cuisine. Whether you’re chomping down on oysters or white coral dessert, you will be in heaven in no time.
  • Momofuku Seiobo - Ever wanted to know where the best roti in Sydney is? Well, you do now. Experiences the rich flavors of the Caribbean and tuck into dishes that will make your heart and soul hunger for more. Make sure you don’t miss this Sydney restaurant off your list.
  • Saint Peter - One of the top seafood restaurants in Sydney, you will find each of your favorite dishes to have the twist that only the best chefs can ever deliver. And it’s not just seafood either. Be sure to stay for the custard tarts too as they are simply divine. 
  • Bentley Restaurant and Bar - When you’re ready to sample the best wines in the city, this is the top establishment to head to. The restaurant knows the top grapes well. But a good wine is nothing without the dish that accompanies it. Here, their food is rich in flavors and complexity that it will be very hard to resist coming here for a second course.
  • Hubert - Once you walk down the spiraling stairs, you will be privileged to spend the mealtime in one of the top French restaurants in the city. Immersive and even featuring live jazz, this could well become a favorite when you want to go somewhere with a bit more style. 
  • Yellow - With a menu that is as creative as it is bizarre, this establishment will be one of those rare treats that you’ll want after a long day trawling the sands and touring the attractions. Come here with an open mind and you could find yourself really surprised by what you find here. 
  • Sixpenny - Flavors and textures reign supreme at this understated and stylish restaurant. Bring your friends and family here for a meal that will hit everyone’s taste buds in all the right places.  You will want to come here every day and every night to have a taste of the rich menu. 
  • Totti's - This exceptionally snazzy establishment will offer you many more delightful and tasty treats to tuck into at your leisure. Some of the dishes that you can enjoy every day include the likes of rigatoni with milk-braised pork and the linguine with spinach, herb and walnut sauce. In short, you will have another place to call home when you come here with your friends and family.
  • Sáng by Mabasa - A top-notch spot for when you want to tuck into some scrumptious Korean grub, you will have much to indulge in here. Small vegetable barrows and more can be selected off their sleek and popular menu. Always a good choice when you want to try something different.

Transportation in Sydney

When it comes to getting around the city of Sydney, you will have the choice of using the metro or the light rails services. Each one of them is fast and efficient and will get you to the destinations or areas that you want to visit most.

These are some of the stations close to our holiday apartments in Sydney so you can get from A to B with no hassle:

  • Town Hall
  • St James Station
  • Central
  • Museum Station
  • Haymarket
  • Chinatown
  • Capitol Square
  • QVB