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What’s on in Tauranga

Tauranga is a city that offers some of New Zealand’s most stunning countryside and marine marine adventures right on its doorstep. Visitors looking to explore the area can go sailing along the stunning coast or enjoy trekking in Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park - all in the same day. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the urban area itself also offers numerous historical sites, as well as some fantastic places to socialise and soak up the ambience of this vibrant city. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, Tauranga always has something going on.

Where to stay in Tauranga

Tuaranga has a great selection of options when it comes to accommodation - from low key hostels to luxury hotels. However, if you are planning to spend a little longer in the town, then you may also wish to consider a serviced apartment. These properties offer many of the benefits of traditional accommodation, such as room cleaning and concierge services, whilst also giving a greater degree of privacy and offering the convenience of kitchen facilities for those looking to self-cater. Whether you are seeking a self-contained studio, or corporate housing, serviced apartments offer the perfect balance of luxury and functionality.

What to do in Tauranga

The largest city in the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga naturally offers plenty to see and do.  The downtown area is full of historically significant places, which offer a scenic setting to enjoy a stroll around - it is also chock full of cafes and restaurants for those who are looking to enjoy an evening out soaking up the city’s unique atmosphere.

It is also just a 15 minute drive from one of New Zealand's most popular beach towns, Mount Maunganui, which offers a host of activities for all ages and is the perfect excursion for those who enjoy being outdoors. There are also inland excursions available from the city centre, including out to the sprawling forest of Kaimai Mamaku.

Closer to the centre, Tauranga’s harbour is an attractive waterfront setting lined with quirky shops and fashionable places to hang out. There are also plenty of marine tours available, including dolphin spotting  Fishing, sailing, and diving. With such a diverse range of activities, Tauranga is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s most desirable destinations.

Tips for staying in Tauranga

Places to eat

There’s no shortage of great places to eat in Tauranga, whether you are looking for local offerings or international cuisine. Harbourside, on the Strand, is a local favourite serving contemporary kiwi dishes as well as international cuisine. For those looking for some find dining, there’s also Mills Reef Winery & Restaurant, which has a varied menu and offers wine tastings throughout the week. Similarly, Somerset Cottage is a sophisticated but informal place that is popular with both locals and tourists alike.


Tauranga Downtown is the city’s major shopping area. Here you will find several retailers offering everything from global fashion brands to local arts and crafts. There’s also Tauranga Crossing, which plays home to numerous independent stores, as well as offering a selection of cafes and eateries. Further into the harbour is Bay Central Shopping Centre, which again offers everything from fashion to homeware and electronic goods.


Dolphin spotting is one of the major tourist draws for Taurange, with Dolphin Seafaris NZ and Dolphin Blue offering informative and affordable services. Mclaren Falls is another popular excursion, which is also located right next to Marshalls Animal Park for those visiting with family. Mount Maunganui Main Beach is also a popular location that always has something going on.


Public transport has improved dramatically in Tauranga, which now offers a reliable bus service around the city centre and out towards the most popular natural attractions. Water taxis are also available to selected destinations. However, due to many of the regions attractions being outside of the urban area, many visitors choose to rent their own vehicles as a means to explore.

Local Business

There are many local and domestic businesses operating out of the Bay of Plenty area.  Manufacturing plays a big part in the local economy, as well as automotive, with firms such as Custom European Motor Services, Patchell Industries and K Pasgaard & Co. Of course, tour providers are also big business, with several providers being headquartered in the Bay area.

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