Parkes Court Apartments

Telford Central StationTelford Central StationTelford TF3 5BZTelford TF3 5BZ
From £135 per night onwards
Apartment Types
2 bed, one bath
2 1
Max residents: 4

Professional, two double bedroom serviced apartment in a leafy, quiet development

Cancellation Policy

The property strongly advise that any travel arrangements you and your party make remain the responsibility of you and your party and you should therefore ensure that you have appropriate travel and personal insurance cover. See also sections 7, 12 & 13.All full or part cancellations of a confirmed booking must be made by email or phone.Please note that any confirmed booking will only be deemed cancelled from the first working day of LIB Overnight receipt of notice to cancel.Cancellations are subject to the following fees:Between 7 & 14 days prior to arrival date 50% of total fee dueLess than 7 days prior to arrival date 75% of total fee dueNon arrivals 100% of fee dueEarly departure 100% of fee for nights booked. LIB Overnight are not obliged to refund any part of fees paid for nights not used.In the unlikely event that LIB Overnight are unable to accommodate a confirmed booking it may be necessary to offer alternative accommodation of an equal or a superior standard. If at any time we need to make changes that will significantly affect your stay or we need to cancel your stay, we will notify you as soon as possible, offering an alternative or full refund subject to the cancellation or alteration to your booking being within our reasonable control. See section 12.Where a guest is dissatisfied with their apartment due to housekeeping or maintenance related concerns we reserve the right to re-clean, repair and/ or provide guests with an alternative apartment from within our portfolio - offering one or a combination of these options - as adequate restitution, rather than a monetary refund.In circumstances where medium and long-stay guests refuse such restitution as described above, they are entitled to a refund subject to '7 days in-stay cancellation notice'. Guests unwilling to provide '7 days in-stay cancellation notice' will receive a pro-rata refund on the remainder of their booking minus 7 days.If a medium or long-stay guest refuses the restitution described above having previously accepted and it being delivered by ourselves to a satisfactory standard as confirmed by the guest, the '7 day in-stay' cancellation notice' will not apply meaning no refund will be due to the guest except where we decide to offer one on a discretionary basis.The '7 day in-stay cancellation notice' does not apply to short-stay guests meaning no refund will be due should they not accept the restitution described above, except where we decide to offer one on a discretionary basis.The '7 day in-stay cancellation notice' and its commensurate refunds only applies in circumstances where there are genuine housekeeping or maintenance related concerns. It is incumbent on guests to provide sufficient photographic / video evidence to support their concerns and must reflect a reasonable expectation based on serviced accommodation industry standards.In situations where we have re-cleaned, repaired an apartment or relocated a guest we will deem the matter closed once we receive their confirmation. If a guest continues to be dissatisfied after a re-clean, repair or re-location the '7 day in-stay cancellation notice' will immediately apply for medium and long-stay guests. For short-stay guests where '7 day in-stay cancellation notice' does not apply and who are still dissatisfied after a re-clean. repair or relocation, we will deem we will have exhausted all options and the matter shall be closed.Under no circumstances will be accept guests 'changing their mind' as adequate reasons for triggering the '7 day in-stay cancellation notice'. We deem our website and online travel agencies marketing to be sufficiently accurate in order for guests to make informed choices before booking. Medium and long-stay guests are encouraged to view their particular apartment of interest before booking. Notwithstanding, we appreciate things can go wrong, which is why we reserve the right to re-clean, repair and/ or provide guests with an alternative apartment from within our portfolio.Where we have sufficient grounds to suspect a guest has 'changed their mind' we will present our evidenced based findings to the guest and no refund shall be due.For the avoidance of doubt the following definitions apply:-short-stay - 1 to 7 Daysmedium stay - 8 to 30 Dayslong stay - 31+ Days

Our Promise

All of our serviced apartments undergo a thorough quality check to make sure that everything is of the highest standard. This means modern facilities, secure buildings, crisp white linen,five star amenities and an on call service team that are available 24/, exclusive resident events and a host of discounts from local businesses.

We operate in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 and, as such, we encourage all prospective guests to talk to us about any special accommodation requirements they may have.

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