Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace

This is the gorgeous primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. It contains remarkable buildings including the main palace, the private residences of the Imperial Family, an archive, museums and administrative offices. All this and more can be explored as you wander around the 1.15 square kilometres. The luscious gardens will hold your attention as well.

Ueno Park

One of the top attractions in Tokyo, the Ueno Park is a hugely popular spot for Tokyo’s many travellers. It was established in 1873 as one of Japan’s first public parks and is home to many museums and its own lavish cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Take tranquil walks and relax in one of the most delightful areas in the city.


Tokyo’s oldest temple, the Sensō-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple that is dedicated to Kannon Bosatsu (the Bodhisattva of compassion). You’ll find it’s one of the great sights of faith in Japan and can take you on a spiritual journey of your own. There are traditional shops and eating places nearby that can fill you up before you alleviate yourself to a new plane of existence.

Tokyo National Museum

The oldest Japanese national museum, and one of the largest art museums in the world, the museum holds one of the most comprehensive collections of art works and archaeological objects of Asia. The museum holds over 110,000 objects, including 87 Japanese National Treasure holdings and 610 Important Cultural Property holdings. For those that want to know more on Japanese art, the Silk Road and Greco-Buddhist art, then this is for them.

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