Luxury Serviced Apartments in Tokyo

Top Furnished Apartments in Tokyo

Immerse yourself in the capital of Japan. Stay in one of our serviced apartments in Tokyo. Furnished with premium furniture and essential amenities. You can enjoy the most authentic and relaxing stay. Our apartments are situated in the most convenient parts of the city.

Our Top 10 Furnished Apartments in Tokyo for Corporate and Leisure Stay

  1. Chome Marunouchi Apartment
  2. Higashi Azabu Apartments
  3. Roppongi Avenue Apartment
  4. Chome Shirokane Apartment
  5. Azabujyuban Apartments
  6. Jingumae Apartment
  7. Konan Serviced Apartment
  8. Somerset Shinagawa Tokyo
  9. Omori Apartments
  10. Takanawa-Minato City Apartments

When it comes to finding splendid accommodations solutions in Tokyo. We have handpicked these apartments in terms of their top-notch quality in decor, furnishings and amenities. Enjoy your stay in complete luxury and privacy. These top-furnished apartments in Tokyo offer you a stay that is beyond the basics. Explore the wide range of luxury apartments in Tokyo.

What are the Benefits of Serviced Apartments Tokyo?

The thought of living in the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo seems like a dream come true for many. With our serviced accommodation in Tokyo, you can be a part of the city in comfort and privacy. To have a better insight into the benefits we offer in our furnished apartments, here are some key features of our apartments:

1. Privacy 

When it comes to finding a comfortable stay in Tokyo, a key element is privacy. Our best-serviced apartments in Tokyo offer a stay without any intrusions. No interruptions from tenants or hotel staff. 

2. Flexibility

Whether you are travelling for work or to enjoy the cherry blossom season. Our serviced apartments offer flexible terms which are perfectly suited to your travel purposes. Whether you are looking for Tokyo apartments to rent for long or short term. Stay the way you want with the Square serviced apartments. Choose from our Tokyo monthly apartments and for temporary accommodation consider staying at our weekly apartments in Tokyo.

3. Amenities

We take special care to ensure that our Tokyo apartments for foreigners come with everything that allows them to conveniently stay at our furnished apartments. Each apartment comes with free Wi-Fi. For entertainment, there's a wide-screen television. you can cook your favourite dish in the well-equipped kitchen. 

4. Top Locations

What makes our accommodations versatile is their locations in the city. We have serviced apartments which are in popular neighbourhoods and business hubs. Live in popular spots such as central Tokyo.

Why you should book Corporate Housing in Tokyo?

Offering amenities that suit the needs of the business travellers. Our corporate housing in Tokyo is the perfect mix of productivity and comfort. High-speed Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected with your team. Our furnished apartments feature a dedicated desk area which allows you to be more productive. When it comes to comforts you can find plush furnishings where you can unwind after a long day. Complete privacy ensures complete peace of mind and a personalised experience of your stay. Extra amenities such as an onsite gym, and concierge services make your stay more luxurious. Our properties are located in and near all the major business hubs, choose one from our portfolio.

Holiday Apartments in Tokyo

Planning a perfect holiday in Tokyo can come with its own unique set of challenges. Our holiday apartments in Tokyo offer a sophisticated experience. Our spacious accommodations are ideal for solo travellers as well as families. We offer top-notch furniture and appliances that make your stay comfortable as well as convenient.

Our apartments are located close to all the popular attractions. To make travel easy tourists can also use public transportation. Explore our collection of vacation rentals in Tokyo.

Where to Stay in Tokyo?

The best way to navigate around Tokyo is by staying near the most popular areas. Our Tokyo apartments for rent are situated in the best neighbourhoods of Tokyo. Some of the best places to stay in Tokyo are Meguro, ShibuyaShinjuku and Sumida City . Our apartments are also located close to public transportation for ease of commute.

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What is the Cost to Stay in a Tokyo Serviced apartment?

When it comes to staying in Tokyo, our serviced apartments in Tokyo offer more value in terms of space and amenities than other alternatives. The cost to rent a furnished apartment depends on the type, location and other factors. The average cost to stay in a Tokyo serviced apartment starts from ¥13422/  £70 per night to ¥46900/  £245 per night.


Price Range




Microwave Oven
Washer / Dryer
Central Heating
Air Conditioning
Cots or Cribs
Work Desk
Private Garden
Secure Entry System
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Gas Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
Fire Certificates
Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
Pet Friendly
Smoking Allowed
Car Parking

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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Tokyo

The cost to stay in a serviced apartments can vary on factor such as size,location and other external factors. The average cost to stay at a serviced apartment in Tokyo starts from ¥13422/ £70 per night to ¥46900/ £245 per night.

Families looking for a serviced apartment in Tokyo can consider staying at 9 Chome Akasaka Apartment, Sakurajousui Serviced Apartments and Nagasaka Serviced Apartment

Travellers planning to make the most their stay can consider staying at 1 Chome Marunouchi Apartment, Nihonbashikayabacho Apartments

Couples looking for a comfortable stay in Tokyo should consider staying at Higashi Azabu Apartments, Roppongi Avenue Apartment.

Guests looking for a serviced apartments in Tokyo with nice views should consider Roppongi Avenue Apartment , Roppongi-Ku Serviced Apartments.

Top Furnished Apartments in Tokyo

More About Tokyo

Facts About Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest cities and an iconic district of Japan. With a population of over 13 million people, Tokyo stands as an epicentre of pop culture, history, and industrial agglomeration.

Apart from the thriving industrial and wholesale sector, the Metropolitan area of Tokyo is a celebrated centre of finance and commerce as well. Some facts that set the city apart include:

  • Tokyo is the celebrated capital city of Japan.
  • With 37.393 million residents (2020), the Metropolitan Area of Tokyo is the most populated in the world. 
  • The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the third-largest in the world and the largest in Japan itself.
  • Based on the Global Financial Centers Index 2020, the city enjoys the 4th rank from the top across the globe.
  • Tokyo was once a popular fishing village in the country, named Edo. 
  • An Alpha+ City, Tokyo boasts of being the largest urban economy with the highest GDP in the world. 
  • The Tokyo National Park showcasing traditional art in the city is the largest in the country. 

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Tips for Visiting Tokyo

Tokyo is complicated and very daunting for outsiders. While it might take a lot of time to get a hang of Tokyo otherwise, some of the top tips to remember have been listed right below: 

  • It is advisable to learn at least some basic Japanese words. The smallest parts of the country don't use English as much as the suburbs.
  • Do not tip when in Japan. In restaurants, hotels, and valets, nobody accepts tips as it is considered very rude. 
  • Do not wear black when in Tokyo. The colour is strictly associated with death. 
  • Apps like Hyperdia make planning routes amidst the seemingly complicated Tokyo transportation system quite easy. 
  • Japanese are very particular about their ways and rules. Some of the polite rules go like this; take your shoes off when on a tatami mat, give or receive anything with both your hands and more.
  • The deeper the greeting bow, the more is the level of respect. 
  • Carry cash (preferably both bills and coins) at all times as most Japanese restaurants and shops accept only cash. 
  • Last but not least, expect a mix of the most hi-tech and squat bathrooms when in Japan. 

What are the best things to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo thrives on its eclectic experiences. No wonder tourists from around the world flood Tokyo in such huge numbers. Skim through a quick list of picks ideal for all kinds of travellers visiting:

Q1. What are the most popular things to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a dream come true for lovers of anime. Marvel at the Samurai swords at the Tokyo National Museum and head straight to Ryoguku Kokugikan to witness Tokyo’s famous Sumo wrestling. After getting slightly familiar with the city, marvel at its view from the incredible Tokyo Skytree. Don’t forget the ultra-modern toy shops.

Q2. What are some free things to do in Tokyo?

Begin with one of the finest fireworks fests in the world when the Tokyo skyline lights up during the Hanabi season (July-August) which is free to see. While parks like Yoyogi Park with Meiji Shrine are free to enter, watching a sumo practice session for free is quite fascinating too. The Omatsuri Museum, Crafts Museum, Origami Gallery in Ochanomizu, and several observatories are surprisingly free. 

Q3. Does Tokyo have many romantic attractions?

Of course! Tokyo has the most romantic waterfronts, bridge views, and experiences to welcome couples. Begin with a free wasen boat ride on the Yokojikkengawa Canal. As unbelievable as it may sound, Odaiba or the rainbow bridge glows in the dark. Couples can always hop on to the floating restaurants to end the day. 

Q4. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Tokyo?

The iconic Senso-Ji temple located just at the end of a street market is a great start to the vacation. Families highly recommend taking an origami class together when in Tokyo. Most families when in Tokyo are on a perpetual lookout for parks ideal for picnics; Yoyogi Park is the best to consider. Families love spending time in Nakamise-Dori, the country's oldest shopping street. 

Q5. What are the more unusual things to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo has a lot of interesting experiences to offer. One unusual one is to visit the age-old Tsukiji Market which has a history of being the largest fish market in the world.

What is fascinating is that most experts recommend crossing the jam-packed Shibuya Crossing at least once in Tokyo. The idea of physically crossing each other’s path at least once in a lifetime is one of a kind. 

How to get around Tokyo?

To begin with, no single pass can be used to travel across multiple transport mediums in Tokyo. While the Japan Railways runs the trains above the ground, especially the Yamanote Line, private companies manage the subway.

It is suggested to keep the route map for both separately to avoid confusion. Based on round trips on bullet trains outside Tokyo, travelers can consider buying the most preferred JR Pass. When traveling within the city, the pass isn't very convenient.

Water boat is another popular medium that runs through the canal in Osaka. Overall, with the world’s busiest train station Shinjuku Station right here, Tokyo’s transportation is quite reliable and very efficient. 

Some of the key subway and train stations along with popular railway lines are:

  • Yamanote Line
  • Shinkansen Trains
  • Shibuya Station
  • Shinjuku Station (Biggest)
  • Imperial Palace
  • Ikebukuro Station
  • Ginza
  • Tokyo Station 
  • Yokohama Station 
  • Shinagawa Station 

What’s the best time to visit Tokyo?

Japan is one of these countries falling in the temperate zone. As it welcomes tourists all year round, the weather is surprisingly pleasant throughout the year.

While it has all 4 distinct seasons, each comes with its respective cons. The spring here is blossoming with cherry blossoms but it rains a lot. The summer is bright enough but the humidity can be a problem.

Autumn is preferred but risky because of the increased risk of typhoons while winter is quite chilly. While January is the coldest month, September to November and March to May are the best times to visit the blooming Tokyo.