Studio Apartments in Vancouver

Vancouver Studio Apartments for Rent

Vancouver is a place that is a hub for business and development and also has a great party vibe. For the comfort of global travellers, we have placed our studio apartments in Vancouver in the best parts. With a compact space to feel at home, one can consider staying long-term too. Each budget studio comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. Use all the facilities and enjoy a modern vacation. Book yourselves our elegant abodes designed to give you an ideal stay. 

Our Best Studio Apartments in Vancouver

All the studio apartments in Vancouver listings in one place help one decide well. As the studios are tailored to each location, you can choose the best apartment for your taste. The portfolio is self-curated by the team to give you the finest options.

Guests can choose the one that speaks to them, and the team will be there to suffice your need.

Some of our top studio apartments for rent in Vancouver:

Why Should You Book a Studio Apartment for Rent in Vancouver?

Vancouver has classic travel accommodation for business and leisure. The modern design and subtle textures make it different from the posh hotels. Even with a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and flat-screen TV, the studios are spacious enough for guests to stretch and relax. The studio apartments for rent in Vancouver from us focus on giving each traveller a vibe as closest to home as possible. They sit in a peaceful neighbourhood to enjoy the beauty of Vancouver and feel welcomed here.

Facilities in our Studio Apartments in Vancouver 

Modern travellers need high-tech solutions. The team aligns with the tastes of all travellers alike. A well-furnished living area makes each of our abodes different and unique. Our studio apartment in Vancouver has an assortment of amenities. For indoor entertainment purposes, complimentary broadband comes with a smart TV. You can now stretch yourself in your cosy bedroom on a fine evening. Don't forget to binge-watch your shows with a popcorn tub. 

The kitchen is loaded with the equipment that helps create a healthy meal. This also saves your travelling time to restaurants and cafes. The kitchen includes an electric hob, a small fridge with a freezer, necessary utensils, cutlery, a coffee machine, and a microwave. The list includes every essential piece of equipment that a kitchen should own.

You will also get a desk to work from in the living room. It has enough space for a team to gather and discuss anything. A whole group can gather and enjoy the family vibe. The homes have wooden flooring to add an extra definition. It supports central heating and air-conditioning to provide ease in every weather.

Bedrooms are cosy and come with soft quilts and beds. The attached bathroom has a 24x7 hot water facility and essential oils too. The stayers can have a therapeutic warm bath to take off the tiring day load. Some scented candles are also in the room for you to have a soothing aroma.

Outside leisure facilities include a swimming pool. For fitness freaks, we have on-site complimentary gym facilities. Stayers can use on-site conference rooms for virtual or face-to-face meetings. 

Some extra cost facilities:

  • Concierge service 
  • Rooftop deck
  • Guest parking
  • Private patio
  • Gym access
  • Private garden
  • Lift access
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Bathtub or shower

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