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Al Danah is an evergreen suburb with streets filled with shops and restaurants. One can easily find the best-serviced apartments in Danah with the help of our portfolio. While talking about Danah, it is primarily to highlight its beauty and grandeur. The serviced apartments here are furnished and have spacious storage rooms. Each apartment is large enough for a group of four to five people. We aim to provide an overall experience in Al Danah’s heart. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Al Danah


Vacation is a pleasure that everyone should enjoy once in a while. What you deserve is a great stay that is friendly for everyone. In our serviced apartment, you will find even the little details like lift access. Elder members can make use of a lift for easy movements. Stayers will get help for their luggage transfer to their apartments. For cleanliness, you will get maid services every day. Stayers can also make use of dry cleaning and laundry services. Open kitchen where you can cook and gossip with your troops is bliss. With our equipment-loaded kitchen, enjoy cooking and talking at the same time. Stayers will get a microwave and electric hob. They will also get crockery, a chopping board, cutlery, utensils, and a knife block set. 

A living room will have a basic setup, such as a dining table, work-from-home table, drawer, sofa set, and a huge window. Soaking your morning vibes through the living room window is highly recommended. While indoors, find solace in high-speed internet on our flat-screen TV. Enjoy the binge-watch evening with your troop with a popcorn tub. 

For on-site outdoor fun, enjoy complimentary on-site gyms. You may also have some swimming pool time. 

Where to stay in Al Danah

Al Danah is without any question a destination with excited wanderers from the world. The vacation and business tour comes with a deadline. You have to make sure to enjoy all the places in Al Danah within limited days.  How about finding a pocket-friendly apartment in all the tourist attractions? This way, you can enjoy beautiful places like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Ferrari World. You will find serviced apartments in Abu Dhabi right around all the ideal tourist places.

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Facts about Al Danah

  • Pearl is the most traded industry in Al Danah. Here Persian divers dive and use their natural lungs to bring out the precious pearl. 
  • Abu Dhabi is the city that is planning to run on renewable energy. The machine is estimated to house around 40000 people. Also, the project is estimated to be complete by 2025. 
  • All the park buildings at this place are planned and built extraordinarily. All the credit goes to the Japanese Architect Katsuhiko. 
  • Abu Dhabi is ranked the safest, securing 86.46 points out of 100. It got the title “The Safest City in the World.” 

Weather at Al Danah

Al Danah has clouds and long sunny summers. There is no rainfall during summers. But, the evening is a bit cloudy and airy. You can mark your calendar for March and May for this place. During these months the weather is pleasant and less sunny. For any other consideration, you always have our serviced apartments in Danah lined for you.