1 Bedroom Apartment Amsterdam

1 Bedroom Apartments in Amsterdam

Popularly known as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is the capital city and the most populous city of the Netherlands. The city welcomes tourists from all over the world to witness its historic locations including, canals, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, to name a few. It has a large number of residential suites, from hotels to apartments to rented places or even hostels. So, if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in this charming city of the Netherlands then bedroom apartments from TheSqua.re are the most suitable options for leisurely and business travelers.


          Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartments in Amsterdam

Each of our single-room abodes nestled in Amsterdam has a charm of its own. From the sophisticated architecture to the modern amenities, these fully furnished apartments aim to impress. Whether it is Oud Zuid, Westerpark, or De Pijp, you can find a large number of Bedroom apartments in the most populated neighborhoods of Amsterdam. At TheSqua.re, we provide you unparalleled comfort and top-notch service so that you can have a memorable experience in the lovely city. Our vibrant and bright 1 bedroom apartments in Amsterdam let you indulge yourself completely in the local culture. They are highly recommended for leisurely couples, friends, and also fulfill all business travelers’ requirements.


          Why Should You Book our 1 Bedroom Apartments in Amsterdam?

Our 1 room apartments are popular amongst all kinds of travelers who wish to spend a good amount of time in the land of the Dutch. What makes these apartments the best choice is the exquisite design and a vast display of modern amenities. Bedroom apartments have a separated bedroom along with a kitchen, living area, and a spacious bathroom. Couples find it perfect as they get enough privacy and cozy vibes. For friends, it’s the place where you can chill out with your new friends. Working individuals get their own space for work without any worry. Simply put, each of these compact apartments delivers all the luxurious comforts that you demand and deserve.


          Facilities in our 1 Bedroom Apartments in Amsterdam:

All these cozy and compact home-like apartments have a private bedroom separated from all the other spaces in the apartments. They have a wide selection of modern amenities such as a luxurious bedroom, top-notch bathroom with toiletries, spacious living space, well-equipped kitchen, and even a balcony or rooftop. Other facilities you may additionally get include - high-speed Wi-Fi, swimming pool, concierge, and room cleaning services, flat-screen TVs, gym areas, health clubs, airport pick-ups, and drops, etc. based on their availability. These apartments also offer 24/7 support and security assistance along with parking availability. 

You can find listings of all the Amsterdam accommodation offerings and other related information listed neatly on our website for you to skim easily while you pick the most convenient homely apartment that speaks most closely to your taste and preferences.

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