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Bordered by the famous Amstel River, Oost is one of the most exciting Boroughs of Amsterdam. What today signifies lavishness and has become a must-visit on any Amsterdam trip was once the unpopular town until an explosion of hip bars, restaurants, and specialty shops happened recently. With its wonderful streets, culture, sand variety combined with our art of curating travel accommodations,  choosing to live in one of TheSqua.re serviced apartments in Amsterdam Oost will turn out to be a definite game-changer for your travel habits.

Top furnished apartments in Amsterdam Oost

Our exclusive apartments come fully equipped with a strikingly furnished ready-to-use kitchen, bedrooms, living area, and lavish bathrooms. The kitchen has features including an oven, toaster, elaborate cutlery, fridge, coffee table, and many more. We believe in equipping the kitchen to the fullest to promote healthy home-like eating habits. Get free Wi-Fi to connect for your Netflix or work meetings, a cozy bedroom to rest, and an exciting view from your window.


Where to Stay in Amsterdam Oost

This is the least explored area of Amsterdam, despite being near Old Centrum. The place has museums and is home to many ethnic neighborhoods too. If you are looking for an old spot that has beautiful décor and a friendly atmosphere then KHL is on top. Oosterpark is the ultimate attractive spot for the ones who seek peace with nature. Oost neighborhood is green and studded with magnificent views. Choosing a cozy Amsterdam Accomodation in the heart of Oost is the foremost thing to do as we don’t want you to miss your chance to make the most of all the beauty and fun that Oost has to offer. 

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More about Amsterdam-oost, Amsterdam

Facts about Amsterdam Oost

The area of Oost Amsterdam is not much renowned as compared to other places in Amsterdam. Some of the facts that a visitor at Oost can remember are listed below: 

  • Oost is one of the Dutch capital’s diverse cultural hotspots, that is packed with memorable restaurants, museums, and bars. 
  • Back in the 13th Century, the place of Amsterdam was a small fishing village that is located behind the dyke/dam. 
  • Oost Amsterdam was an agricultural region in the 17th Century. It is created by the Watergraafsmeer polder and dotted by country estates. 
  • The neighborhood area was built during the rapid urban expansion with the construction of two new train stations, and bathhouses of municipal. 
  • Dappemarket is the heart of Oost Amsterdam. This is the oldest market of fruits, flowers, and fabrics. 


Weather in Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost has a mild climate typical to Northern Europe. Summers in Oost are generally warm while Winters are cold with rain, snow, and wind. In our warm and fully equipped abodes here, expect a memorable Oost trip with us.