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Facts about Amsterdam Oost

The area of Oost Amsterdam is not much renowned as compared to other places in Amsterdam. Some of the facts that a visitor at Oost can remember are listed below: 

  • Oost is one of the Dutch capital’s diverse cultural hotspots, that is packed with memorable restaurants, museums, and bars. 
  • Back in the 13th Century, the place of Amsterdam was a small fishing village that is located behind the dyke/dam. 
  • Oost Amsterdam was an agricultural region in the 17th Century. It is created by the Watergraafsmeer polder and dotted by country estates. 
  • The neighborhood area was built during the rapid urban expansion with the construction of two new train stations, and bathhouses of municipal. 
  • Dappemarket is the heart of Oost Amsterdam. This is the oldest market of fruits, flowers, and fabrics. 


Weather in Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost has a mild climate typical to Northern Europe. Summers in Oost are generally warm while Winters are cold with rain, snow, and wind. In our warm and fully equipped abodes here, expect a memorable Oost trip with us.