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De Pijp is known as Amsterdam’s Latin Quarter, famous for its bohemian atmosphere and espousing the famous liberal attitude of the Dutch capital. Its picturesque streets and central location also make De Pijp the perfect place to stay for those visiting the city - whether for business or pleasure. Its popularity also means there is an abundance of accommodation on offer in the vicinity. Those looking for a truly authentic experience of the artists’ neighbourhood also have the option of booking into a serviced apartment in De Pijp. Staying in a private apartment means staying in a genuine De Pijp home and provides a much more natural and authentic atmosphere than can be found at a hotel.

Some of the top serviced apartments in De Pijp are:

Private apartments also offer a much greater degree of privacy - a true home-from-home atmosphere with everything guests need to enjoy a relaxing stay in the Dutch capital. The inclusion of home entertainment and full kitchen facilities also makes them ideal for those planning an extended stay in Amsterdam. 

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More about De-pijp, Amsterdam

Where to Stay in De Pijp

De Pijp occupies a relatively compact area directly to the south of Amsterdam Centrum. Those staying locally will find the area is fairly uniform and most of the city’s famous landmarks are either within walking distance or just a short tram ride away. Generally, the area along Ruysdaelkade is the most desirable place for tourists, as it is on the central side of the neighbourhood whilst not quite being on the main road that borders the north side. 

Diamantbuurt, Nieuwe Pijp, and Oude Pijp are the three districts composing De Pijp and each will offer a thriving experience of Amsterdam, along with plenty of local amenities such as cafes, bars, and grocery stores. 

Facts About De Pijp

The land which is now De Pijp was originally part of a planned development for the city that, having been repurposed, gradually evolved into a thriving multicultural area. This history led to De Pijp becoming the centre of the Amsterdam art scene, taking on a distinctly bohemian atmosphere that can still be felt today. Below are a few other interesting facts about De Pijp:

  • Most of De Pijp’s streets are named after famous Dutch artists and serve to boost its reputation as Amsterdam’s most bohemian neighbourhood.
  • De Pijp has one of Amsterdam’s most educated populations.
  • No one is sure how De Pijp - the pipe got its name. It is thought it may refer to an old waterway that used to run through the area. 
  • Today an affluent neighbourhood, De Pijp was nothing more than polder land until the middle of the 19th century!

Things to Do in De Pijp

Amsterdam is famous all over the world for its diverse range of landmarks and attractions. From quirky niche museums to cutting edge leisure facilities, the Dutch capital has everything the intrepid explorer could ask for. In fact, there are so many things to do in De Pijp, it is simply impossible to fit everything in on a single visit. 

What is there to do in De Pijp?

De Pijp is known for its quirky character - with plenty of great bars, cafes and independent shops. The area is one that is meant to be explored - offering picture-postcard scenes of the Dutch capital. There are also plenty of educational attractions nearby, with the museum quarter being well within walking distance. 

Is De Pijp a good destination for families?

De Pijp is a great location for families, with an abundance of parks and green spaces as well as plenty of educational yet engaging attractions. What’s more, the neighbourhood is to the south of the centre and offers a much quieter and relaxed ambience than the more raucous areas of Jordaan and De Wallen.

What is the best way to spend a day in De Pijp?

De Pijp is a small area and visitors will find, if they plan ahead, they can easily fit everything into a single day. A great way to start is with breakfast at one of the famous pancake houses, before spending the morning exploring a popular landmark, such as the Heineken Experience. From there, visitors can spend time relaxing in one of the lush parks or even enjoy a scenic boat trip on the canals. An evening meal in one of the traditional bistros is then the perfect way to end a day’s sightseeing. 

Places to Visit in De Pijp

De Pijp is a central location with plenty of its own history and the area boasts an abundance of landmarks and attractions. However, another great thing about De Pijp is that it’s just a short walk from Amsterdam’s museum quarter - meaning many of the city’s top sights are within easy reach of anyone staying in the area. Some of the top places to visit in De Pijp and its surrounding area are:

  • The Heineken Experience - one of the Netherlands’ most famous exports, the Heineken Experience is a fun interactive tour of the former brewery, with plenty of entertainment as well as an informative look at the brewing process.

  • Sarphatipark - De Pijp’s understated but picturesque park, with flower gardens and water features. 

  • The Rijksmuseum - just outside the neighbourhood is the Dutch national museum housing numerous works of art and historical artefacts. 

  • De Negen Straatjes - the Nine Streets are Amsterdam’s premier destination for quirky shopping and some of the city’s best artisan coffee houses.

  • The Van Gogh Museum - the city’s most famous resident is celebrated in an innovative and visually stunning museum, just a short walk from De Pijp.

  • Vondelpark - a beautiful urban park with numerous restaurants and cafes.

  • Bloemenmarkt - Amsterdam’s famous floating flower market is just north of De Pijp, offering a colourful walk along the Singel River. Many of the stalls now sell souvenirs as well as the country’s iconic tulips.

Places to Eat in De Pijp

De Pijp is the place to be for anyone looking to enjoy dining out, with its excellent range of quirky restaurants and bistros. Amsterdam, in general, is one of Europe’s best cities when it comes to food - with just about every flavour imaginable throughout its many restaurants. De Pijp is famous for its artistry and that is reflected in the excellent range of innovative and artisan cuisine on offer. Some notable eateries include:

  • Little Collins De Pijp.
  • Omelegg.
  • Geflipt.
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar.
  • Surya.

However, De Pijp isn’t all quirky cafes and bistros. There are also plenty of upscale restaurants in the neighbourhood:

  • Sinne.
  • Restaurant Floreyn.
  • Ciel Bleu.
  • Le Restaurant.

There are also several international restaurants in the vicinity, including:

  • En Japanese kitchen & Sake Bar.
  • Yum Yum Thai Food.
  • New China Town Restaurant.
  • Pind Punjabi Indian Restaurant.

Street Food in De Pijp

Amsterdam has a burgeoning street food scene and, given its reputation as the number one area for creative innovation, De Pijp offers some of the best takeaway and casual cuisine anywhere in the city. Many of the most popular places are to be found along the north side of the neighbourhood, with some of the most notable vendors including:

  • Chiapas Taco Cartel.
  • Chris Kip.
  • Sir Hummus.
  • Benny’s Chicken.
  • Hearth.

Shopping in De Pijp

When it comes to shopping, De Pijp’s appeal lies in its collection of boutiques and independent stores. Gerard Doustraat is the place to go for anyone looking for unique souvenirs, whilst the famous Albert Cuyp Market is a great place to pick up everything from artisan jewellery to organic local produce. Furthermore, whilst De Pijp may not have any large-scale shopping malls, there are several in the surrounding neighbourhoods, including:

  • OostPoort.
  • Kalverpassage.
  • Greengrocer.
  • Shopping Center Reigersbos.
  • De Hallen Amsterdam.

Transportation in De Pijp

Amsterdam is an extremely well-connected city when it comes to public transport. Those looking to get around have the option of tram, train, metro, bus, and ferry. De Pijp itself is served by its namesake metro station - which is the quickest way of making journeys to the central station and out towards the suburbs. However, the tram is also a convenient and cost-effective way of making city-center journeys. Some of the key tram stops in the vicinity are:

  • Marie Heinekenplein.
  • Amsterdam, Stadhouderskade.
  • Van Woustraat.
  • Ferdinand Bolstraat.

Journeys on the tram, metro, and bus can be paid for using Amsterdam’s OV-chipkaart system, which operates in a similar way to London’s Oyster, and offers better value than paying for a separate ticket each time. Alternatively, those not wishing to use public transport also have the option of hiring a bicycle - thanks to Amsterdam’s comprehensive network of paths and cycleways. 

Weather De Pijp

De Pijp weather - as with the rest of Amsterdam - changes according to the season. Spring and summer are traditionally the most popular times of year to visit the city. Spring because this is when the tulips bloom and the temperatures start to climb to a pleasant 15 - 20 degrees, yet the streets are still less busy than they can be in summer. However, the summer months see Amsterdam hosting numerous events and festivals and many of the famous bistros and bars offer outdoor seating, which gives the city a fantastic atmosphere. The winter months are also popular - especially around Christmas - but travellers should be advised that Amsterdam’s northern location means it can experience cold wind and rainy spells.