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Facts About the Hague

With exciting nightlife concentrated here, over half a million people calling it home, and globally known as the International City of Peace and Justice, there is so much to do in the Hague. Some of the exciting facts that will compel you to book your furnished apartments in the Hague are:

  • The Hague is the celebrated third-largest city in all of the Netherlands.
  • It is also the second-most populated metropolitan in the country.
  • It was once the largest building site all across Europe.
  • The De Passage Mall here is the first covered shopping mall across the country ever built.
  • The Hague has also been the seat of the Dutch Monarch which is a great honor.

Weather in the Hague

Visit here between June and September to enjoy the Hague summers best. August is the hottest month here while February is the coldest of them all. Like any other coastal area, the Hague enjoys four distinct seasons in full bloom.