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Utrecht with its dense culture filled with museums and architecture along with vintage charm makes it a fine destination for a stay. Looking for serviced apartments in Utrecht would be a task only because there is so much to choose from. The good part is that our exclusive portfolio with a plethora of amenities to woo you makes it look the easiest it could get. From comforting bedrooms to a lavish living room, an elaborate kitchen to relaxing bathrooms, TheSqua.re listings of fully-furnished apartments offer it all.


Top furnished apartments in Utrecht:


Each one of our furnished apartments in Utrecht comes with a whole package of comforts. From exclusive flat-screen in the living room with premium wine glasses for you to enjoy a drink to a whole kitchen that is ready for you to cook in, there is so much to experience here. With our abodes come private bedrooms to CCTV secure buildings, parking spaces to relaxing showers or bathtubs, our list of apartments comprises just the best.

Where to Stay in Utrecht

When hunting for furnished apartments in Utrecht, try to stay close to supermarkets and fun hotspots like Neude square. Apartments in Utrecht-Weerdsingel are also ideal because of the proximity to Utrecht’s very lively City Center. The area is laden with restaurants and shops to make the overall experience quite entertaining. Apart from these, Utrecht's Old Center on the old canal is an ideal area to consider as it is just a hop away from bus and train stations. While you are here, don't forget to visit several museums and Dom Tower within a walking distance.

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Facts About Utrecht

With an old-world charm, classic Amsterdam beauty, and a lot of warmth among the locals and quaint aesthetic spots, Utrecht can be very impressive. A quick list of facts that will make your search for furnished apartments in Utrecht even more exciting includes:

  • The largest university across the Netherlands calls Utrecht City its proud home.
  • Utrecht City is one of the happiest places in the world.
  • It is fascinating to note that the landmark called Domtoren here is the tallest church tower across the entire country. You can find it in the center of the city.
  • It is also a proud listing as one of the world’s 10 most unsung places by The Lonely Planet.


Weather in Utrecht

With yearly average weather ranging between 33°F and 72°F, Utrecht weather hovers around comfort. While summers are an absolutely delightful period to visit here and enjoy the lovely Amsterdam local vibe, winters are equally dreadful with the bitter cold of the Netherlands. If you are a fan of winters, January is the coldest month here. Out of all the seasons, Spring here is the most dreamy with all the flowers in full bloom. A rough period between late March and June is highly recommended to visit Utrecht City to make the most of its history, nature, and beauty.