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Westerpark is a lively neighborhood snuggled in Western Amsterdam. This neighborhood is home to varied shops that are a blend of old-school street markets, traditional cafes, and new restaurants. Westerpark has an impeccable array of cultural activities with a feast of culinary delights. Westerpark offers a striking range of summer festivals that make this neighborhood worth experiencing like a local from the comforts of serviced apartments in Westerpark. 

Top Serviced Apartment in Westerpark, Amsterdam 

Our dedicated team brings equipped amenities that a guest would need and admire for any short or long stay to feel perfect. The apartment provides a fully equipped kitchen, a set of wardrobes, a dining table with chairs, microwave, oven, and all the equipment, utensils, or appliances that are required for a kitchen to feel like your own. It sometimes gets difficult to choose the best travel accommodation as the process in itself can get both exhausting and overwhelming. To resolve this we have an award-winning portfolio of abodes curated for you. Whatever be your neighborhood choice, we try our best to get the best experience out of it for you. 

Where to stay in Westerpark, Amsterdam

From the waterside areas to the park areas, the place has wide options to offer travelers who are there for both business and leisure stays. Choosing a location near the park location allows proximity to exhibition space, cinema, stage for events, and theatre. The area surrounding De Bakkrswinkel bakery is a tempting area to choose for quenching your cravings with the smell of fresh scones with a wide variety of sandwiches and cakes making your day. There is Pristine Lawns as well with its waterview and mighty trees offering soothing evening walks and stunning balcony views. 

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More about Westerpark, Amsterdam

Facts About Westerpark, Amsterdam

Westerpark has a long and rich history. In all the places in Amsterdam, Westerpark is soothing, refreshing, and has quirky art statues that make it a popular area. Some of the facts about the area are: 

  • The park has an amazing figure that is bending over backward. The figure is by Mirjam Janse that conveys “Gold In Your Mind, Gold In Your Feet.” 
  • The sculpture named “Bolbewoners” standing here is a historic representation of the human condition through two bronze figures.
  • Westergasfabriek might pop up as the biggest cultural venue here was initially a gas plant in the 19th-century.


Weather in Westerpark, Amsterdam

Amsterdam weather consists of comfortable and partly cloudy summers, whereas winters are long, very cold, windy, and cloudy. The temperature varies from around 34-degree to 71-degree Fahrenheit. Having a whole range of aesthetic serviced apartments in Westerpark, Amsterdam, not only provides you with a ready portfolio to choose from but also wraps you with comfort across all Amsterdam seasons. Whatever be your choice of month to stay in Amsterdam, you and your family will be taken good care of.