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Top Short Term Lets in Bath

The impressive architecture and Roman relics in Bath are a gold mine for history buffs. And when it comes to accommodations, nothing beats our short term rentals in Bath. These furnished apartments have high living standards. They take care of your comfort and privacy requirements. And that too at unbelievable rates.

The apartments are not just appropriate for tourists. Business travelers can also enjoy them. There is ample space available to afford groups on project work. They also have facilities like good-quality Wi-Fi to conduct uninterrupted business meetings.

Our Best Short Term Lets in Bath

We at TheSqua.re take pride in calling ourselves a global pioneer. We have the luxury and corporate serviced apartments at all major destinations worldwide. The historic city of Bath is no exception. Each one of them has its special traits to suit the different tastes of our customers. But they are all designed keeping your best interests in mind. So, whichever one you choose, you won’t have to compromise your quality of lifestyle. We have also situated them nearby famous tourist spots or the most-visited areas of the city. This makes traveling very time-efficient.

Here are some of our best short term accommodations in Bath for you to consider:

  1. Toll Keeper's House
  2. Locksbrook Lodge
  3. The Cliffside Chalet
  4. The Lapis Lounge
  5. Darcy’s View

1 Month Short Term Accommodation in Bath

If you are traveling for a month or less, the short term lets in Bath will be best suited for you. They are a great option for you to explore a new place before committing to it long-term.

At TheSqua.re, we strive to gift you with the perfect Bath experience right from the start. We don’t keep you bogged down in heavy booking paperwork. Instead, our entire process is easy and swift. The apartments also have an atmosphere that gives you a sense of security even in an unknown land.

Why Should You Book Short Term Accommodations in Bath?

Our short term lets in Bath are a popular choice for travelers visiting this amazing city. This is because of the flexibility that these furnished apartments provide. With all the ready-to-use, day-to-day stuff available, relocation gets a lot less hectic.

Not to forget, there are financial advantages as well. You get comfortable bedding, a fully functioning TV, and a secure bathroom with the necessary toiletries. There’s also a well-equipped kitchen. This saves you the trouble of spending your money buying or renting most of the basic essentials. And given the relatively high cost of living in Bath in comparison to many other cities, it is an even greater boon.

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Bath

Our short term accommodations in Bath are the very embodiment of premium comfort and luxury. Not only do we try to cater to the usual travel requirements, but we also go the extra way to help our guests settle down. Right from the booking, we assign you a personal manager. They assist you at every step of your journey. This includes giving a pre-arrival guest call to ensure everything goes as planned.

TheSqua.re also understands how tiring long flight journeys can be. So when you land, our staff will be there to greet you. They will also escort you to our short term lets in Bath. But that's not the only complimentary service we offer. As soon as you enter your apartment, you will see a welcome grocery pack. It contains the healthiest and freshest ingredients. It also has the most diverse components. This helps you to incorporate them into any cuisine of your preference.

Our short term rentals in Bath are also customizable. We respect your individual choices and want to help you enjoy a space that feels like home. From getting a private chef to having your own chauffeur-driven car, everything can be arranged and personalized as per your wish. You can also get free gym access for 30+ day stays. Besides, a private yogi can help you reach nirvana and ease all your tensions. All we need from you is an opportunity to serve you.

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