Top 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bangalore

Furnished 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bangalore

Bangalore is the place where IT sectors and industries grow extravagantly. Whatever be your errands, Bangalore has open opportunities for you. There is a constant hunger in the companies of Bangalore to hire fresh talent. While moving in, you will need a place to stay that comforts you in a new city and doesn’t let you be homesick. Our exclusive portfolio of 3 Bedroom apartments in Bangalore provides amenities to call it home. 

Each apartment will have plenty of bedrooms for you and your family or team to stay. If you are out on a family vacation, even then the abode will provide you with the utmost warmth, comfort, and satisfaction. We also have a living area where the WFH people can work remotely together. Even if on a work trip, we offer to provide a homely environment where you and your mates can equate like a family. The abodes are in every best location of Bangalore and are being placed effectively to suit all your needs. 

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the busiest cities with lots of opportunities and greenery. The place has everything that one aspires for. Each apartment has a unique charm and sense of character to offer in all its luxury or homely vibe. We know, choosing 3 bedroom apartment is a tough call to make. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the top 5 best 3 bedroom apartments for your easy decision-making. Whatever be your choice to stay, you will find our abodes in the finest hand-picked locations of Bangalore. Along with the bedroom, you will get a fully equipped kitchen and living room as well. Either way, our portfolio will prove to be helpful for all kinds of travelers who prioritize comfort.

Facilities in Our 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bangalore

We have an award-winning portfolio of 3 bedroom apartments in Bangalore that are fully equipped and designed with the requirements of every traveler, from business enthusiasts who are preparing to pitch their dream client or families that are looking for a new exciting holiday destination. All the facilities are minutely curated keeping in mind all possible needs of modern global travelers. We have cozy sleeping quarters for you to rest before your next big day. We planted the abodes near grocery stores and supermarkets to save your time and possible inconveniences. We also make sure that little features like big window panes that allow you to enjoy both fresh air and the perfect view in Bangalore’s famous monsoon make all the difference.  

For entertainment, we provide you with a flat-screen TV, Bluetooth speakers, and free Wi-Fi access. The abodes are air-conditioned and have a walk-on balcony. You will get maid services three times a week along with a fully equipped kitchen, dishwashers, concierge, and parking facilities among a lot more. 

We curated the abodes with all the love and care to give you a homely vibe. You can also avail few of our extra services at an extra cost, some of which include:

  • Gym access.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Swimming pool access
  • Pick-up and drop facility

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book a 3 Bedroom Apartment today, or explore more serviced apartments in Bangalore.

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