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Built in the 19th century as an abode for Eurasians; Brookefield is a posh neighborhood of Bengaluru. Connected to the city through a major four-lane road, Varthur, the booming estate is the home of a rich past and a promising future. A planned short stay in Brookefield can help you be a part of the popular cafe culture whilst an extended stay in Brookefield will help you explore the rich heritage. The thriving young professional base adds an energetic vibe to the place. With an array of one of the most promising service apartments in Bengaluru, Brookefield offers a visitor with affordable luxury and unforgettable experiences.

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Serviced apartments in Brookefield

Amidst the well-developed infrastructure, magnificent buildings and the urban hustle, life in Brookefield balances day-to-day simplicity with a vibrant nightlife. The well-connected community has an easy access to necessities and weather for various outdoor activities. You will always find something interesting to occupy free time near your place to stay in Brookefield.

Being a part of the growing IT sector, corporate accommodations in Brookfield are both easily available and affordable. Be a glocal as you explore the cafes, pubs, food, music and nightlife in the posh neighborhood. Enjoy a short or an extended stay in Brookefield with service apartment facilities; that provide you with freedom and an independent perspective to live in the booming community.

Culture & shopping in Brookefield

The fast pace settlement reflects the perfect balance of old and new in terms of culture. The food in Brookefield does not belong to a single palette; it blends in modern flavors and cuisines with a subtle dominance of south Indian delicacies. Shopping and other activities are particularly enjoyable, as the weather is always pleasant.

There are various service apartments and short-term lets in Brookefield. A number of these properties are located near places to visit and shopping attractions, making it easy to stroll around the destination. Also, merging in perfectly with the places to stay in Brookefield, are the cafes and pubs that are easy to locate and enjoyable to spend some time in.

Getting around in Brookefield

Brookefield enjoys extensive city bus connectivity with a wide range of services provided by the BTMC. After officially being declared a part of the city, a traffic and transit management centre function with schedules connecting it with most of the areas in Bengaluru. However, if you plan to stay and discover more about Brookefield, taxi services and private cars can be arranged easily to get around.

There is always an option of exploring Brookefield on foot, bicycle and motorbikes, given all year round blessed weather. Other transportation options include easily available autos, rikshaws and metro lines that cover all major areas. Overall getting around in Brookefield is extremely comprehensive and convenient.

FAQs - Things to Know before booking Serviced Apartments in Bengaluru

Q1. How many serviced apartments are available for booking in Brookefield, Bengaluru ?

A1. There are over 1 serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book now

Q2. What are the most popular luxury serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru ?

A2. The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru are Whitefield Suites in Bengaluru,

Q3. What is the price range of serviced apartments available in Brookefield, Bengaluru ?

A3. Prices start from $25 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book now

Q4. What offers are currently available for booking serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru on

A4. To see a selection of Brookefield, Bengaluru offers, please visit our offers and coupon page.

Q5. How do I search for the best serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru on

A5. Choose a part of Brookefield, Bengaluru you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here.

Q6. Do Brookefield, Bengaluru serviced apartments provide breakfast, gym & other extra services?

A6. Some of the apartment buildings in Brookefield, Bengaluru will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

Q7. Can I have guests in a Brookefield, Bengaluru serviced apartment?

A7. That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Brookefield, Bengaluru .

Q8. Why is staying in a serviced apartment in Brookefield, Bengaluru better than a hotel?

A8. Serviced apartments in Brookefield, Bengaluru have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

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