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Located in the east of the city, Domlur is one of the prime locations for service apartments in Bengaluru; with a number of multinational and IT companies. The Airport road flyover on the old airport road is amongst the major landmarks of this small locality full of life.

Being blessed with a flourishing estate, one can find a number of properties to stay in Domlur. A modern region; the place offers you with an amazing blend of regional products and brands in shopping. Wrapped up in a rich past and a modern present, the place is a thriving and fast growing establishment. A diverse cuisine dominated by cultural brilliance is served on a platter in Domlur. Explore the wonders of this locality with our service apartments. Let your short stay in Domlur be an experience.

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Serviced apartments in Domlur

If you are planning an extended stay in Domlur, there are various places to explore around the neighborhood. With its close proximity to Koramangala and MG Road on either side, Domlur is one of the most picked up locations for service apartments in Bengaluru.

The residential-commercial area has a number of good restaurants, eateries, hospitals and malls in a close radius. Having access to both necessities and activities within range makes your stay in Domlur a pleasant experience. Several temples are seen in the area as well. So make your short stay in Domlur a religious getaway. It is easy to come across people from different backgrounds in Domlur, making your stay a more interesting affair full of stories.

Culture & shopping in Domlur

The small township is a rich cultural spot with a Telugu and English-speaking crowd. One can find a seamless relationship of old and new in terms of culture in the locality. Traces of a building future are evident with the infrastructure and the growing number of malls in the place. From up-scale fashion buys to bargain hunts, the place offers an array of things for different people and tastes. A short stay in Domlur would keep you enthralled with its nightlife. The pubs and restaurants offer an energetic vibe and delicious food. During the day you can enjoy the cafes and bistros in Domlur.

Getting around in Domlur

Domlur is just 10 minutes away from MG Road and Koramangala and 5 minutes away from Indiranagar. Major commute stops of Bengaluru are near the establishment as well.  Both Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic Station) and Bangalore city railway station are just 9 km away from the locality. The airport is 40 km away from the place.

Cabs are also an easy option for your beck and call needs to travel in Domlur. Apart from known cab services, a number of private travel agents are registered to provide you with domestic travel options. From Volvos to shuttles, public transportation is an easy way to move around in the locality. Centrally located, Domlur Bus Stand provides local connectivity through government run buses. To sum up, finding the means to move around in Domlur is both easy and affordable.