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One of the two districts of the former East Berlin that have changed the most is Prenzlauer Berg. This southerly and metropolitan part of the district of Pankow has undergone several gentrifications to become of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Berlin city and today the area is home to great mix of designer boutiques, local cafes and beautiful architecture. Artsy and bohemian lifestyle is very much prevalent here in its organic shops, wine bars, eateries and family-friendly venues. Visiting this charming neighbourhood, you would love to see the stunning mix of old and pre-war architecture, sprawling green parks and historical landmarks including a still-standing Berlin wall, selection of old breweries and beer gardens.  

This district’s best-known attraction is the Mauer Park Flea Market, which is located in the historic Mauer Park. The market opens every Sunday and specializes in selling bargain items and delicious food, making it a favourite hangout place for locals as well tourists. The district is getting more and more popular over the course of time as besides the food and shopping, Prenzlauer is a hot spot for cheerful night out. One can find specialty night-clubs, cocktail bars, wine bars and best breweries within few distance from one another in this charming area. Overall, Prenzlauer Berg is an attractive neighbourhood stuffed with countless activities, restaurants, and nightlife.

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Serviced apartments in Prenzlauer Berg

The neighbourhood which has seen major effects of gentrification than any other district in Berlin is the Prenzlauer Berg. Today, the neighbour combines a perfect mix of old pre-war architecture and sprawling green parks.

Berlin’s one of the most popular residential areas Prenzlauer Berg is laidback neighbourhood best fitted for those looking for a relaxing stay in the heart of the city.  The tree-lined streets filled with city’s highly praised cafes, restaurants, boutiques and bars, this neighbourhood is the place where bohemian-meets-bourgeois. Staying in this locality, you’ll enjoy a cool residential local experience while being close to most tourist sites, public transport, and airports. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment, Prenzlauer Berg can be a fantastic area to stay in Berlin city. The area is home to mix of modern apartments, hotels, and guesthouses, catering to varied taste and budget of tourists.

Culture & shopping in Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is characterized by a proud café culture and thriving foodie scene.  This gentrified district is bursting with restaurants and bars offering a relaxed venue for trying scrumptious meal or drink. Here you’ll find some of the Berlin's best coffee shops, ice-creameries and homemade cake stores around tree-lined Oderbergerstrasse. For culture and history lovers, Prenzlauer Berg has lot to offer, where you’ll get an opportunity to learn about Berlin’s East German past. Visit Kulturbrauerei complex to explore a resonant museum about daily life in East Germany. Those who are history buff and love beer, head to Pfefferberg, which is an old brewery in a preserved building housing a microbrewery, the Museum for Architectural Drawing and artists’ studios. Don’t miss the stunning church- Zionskirchplatz, which was constructed in 1860s. Its prominent architecture makes it a must-see in Prenzlauer. 

Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood is popular for excellent shopping experience owing to the fashionable boutiques and flea markets. This is a right place to hit if you are looking to shop fresh produce, vintage or designer clothes, or one-of-a-kind trinkets.  Enjoy a stroll along Sredzkistrasse, Oderbergerstrasse which is surrounded by some of the most fantastic boutique clothing and home-wares stores. These boutiques and stores are stuffed with items you're not likely to find elsewhere. And not to miss is the Mauer Park flea market, which opens on a Sunday, selling amazing items at reasonable rates.

Getting around in Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg public transportation network is world-class and staying in this neighbourhood means you’ll probably be able to get around pretty easily via the U-Bahn underground metro, S-Bahn above-ground train, bus and tram network. Getting to and from this neighbourhood is very convenient and easy. It takes around 25 minutes to reach the Tegel airport by car while it takes 35 minutes to reach Schönefeld airport.  The famous Hauptbahnhof Station is only 25 minutes away when you travel via public transit. Buy a travelcard valid for your whole stay. You can also rent a bike, which is probably the best way to fully enjoy Prenzlauer Berg.