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Solihull is a noted historical architecture site in Birmingham. It is the best surviving example of timber-framed Tudor-style houses. A place to call home amidst the architectural giants is a difficult find. To ease your stay, we have our serviced apartments in Solihull. Whether you visit the place as a solo traveler or as a big group, the apartments are efficiently curated. All our abodes have a personal touch. We want to change definition of an ideal travel accommodation. They provide a sense of relief as soon as you step in. Choosing one for yourself can make your trip memorable.

Top serviced apartment in Solihull

Each of our luxury serviced apartments in Solihull is fully furnished. We list every apartment only after it passes a homely touch and welcoming vibe. Guests feel welcomed with the spacious living room and hot shower in the bathroom. When in Birmingham, our apartments always offer a stay that feels as homely as a friend’s place in an unknown city. Most apartments have lift accessibility and internal car parking. They come loaded with all the necessities. Expect everthing ranging from basic kitchen utilities to bathroom toiletries. The living space has an open window that allows Birmingham breeze and sunlight to flow in. Guests can enjoy morning meditations or soak in soothing evening views right there.

Where to Stay in Solihull

The apartments sit in all the exquisite places of Solihull. Some of our finest abodes line Broad Street which is well-known for its nightlife. It also has a fantastic array of restaurants. In a short walk of 2-3 minutes, you can get to the famous Brindley Place as well. It is a financial hub of the UK global corporations. You can also visit Canalside bars and restaurants. Do not forget about the Mailbox shopping Centre and The Cube, which are only 10 minutes away.

Facts about Solihull

The place with its historical charm has a lot of history. Dig a bit into the facts before wandering this beautiful place.

  • It is an affluent town in Birmingham. Solihull is the administrative Centre and seat of the Metropolitan Borough.
  • Solihull has a population of about 123187.
  • The name Solihull is derived from the position of its Arden stone.
  • Princess Margaret promoted it from Urban to Municipal Borough. The immense growth is the reason.
  • This place is home to core theatre and is a Centre of Cineworld Cinema.

Weather at Solihull

Solihull experiences short and comfortable summers. Winters are long, cold, windy, and cloudy. June to August is considered the ideal month to visit the place. With luxury serviced apartments in Solihull, enjoy this aesthetic part of Midlands anytime.

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