10 Best Cinema in Dubai for Movie lovers

best cinema in dubai

Thinking of going to a cinema in Dubai? The Emirate has fast become a movie-lover’s paradise with the world’s top films being released here and an enviable line-up of cinemas and movie theaters that come with spectacular amenities and offerings for patrons. On that note, here is a list of the top choices in Dubai for those who love watching movies at theaters. 

Best Cinema in Dubai- Top Choices

If you are seeking nothing but the best cinema in Dubai, here is a guide to ten of the premier options that you can consider. 

  1. Dubai Hills Mall Roxy Xtreme 

It not only has the largest cinema screen in the whole of the Middle East (28m high by 15.1m wide and encompasses a couple of tennis courts), but also comes with Director’s Boxes. These can house up to 12 individuals in a completely private setting, with food served by a waiter. Along with this mega screen, there are 14 others here which offer Silver and Platinum services with delicious food and reclining seats. 

Address: Al Khalil Road - Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 800 7699

dubai hills mall roxy xtreme(Image Courtesy: www.amzanme.com)

  1. VOX Outdoor, Galleria Mall

A noted cinema in Dubai, this one is a rooftop movie theater. It offers amazing opportunities to watch films under the starlit sky and amidst the glittering lights of the city. You can find this unique experience right on top of the Galleria Mall and it comes with cutting-edge technologies and surround sound along with plush couches and bean bags for patrons.

Address: Al Wasl Road - Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 600 599905

(Image Courtesy: www.insydo.com)

  1. MX4D by Novo Cinemas, Dubai Festival City Mall

The mall is already a two-time Guinness World Record holder with its laser and breaking light show named Imagine. It also has a Novo Cinema with 18 screens and an MX4D within the center. 4D movie-watching is now possible here with seats that move along with onscreen action and other technologies that ensure near-identical sensations and smells in major scenes.

Address: 2nd Floor near Fitness First, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 600 503328

(Image Courtesy: www.tickikids.com)

  1. ScreenX, Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall 

Nestled within the Dubai Mall is this marvelous movie theater, the first in the UAE with a multi-projection screening setup. This ensures that audiences will have even their peripheral vision completely engaged, i.e. the images are expanded onto three walls of the cinema without any disturbance in the onscreen scenes. Horror and action movies come alive in a whole new way at this movie theater in the world’s biggest shopping mall. There are several serviced apartments in Dubai near the mall that travelers can consider for a more enjoyable stay in the city.

Address: Level 2, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +800 38824 6255

screenx reel cinema dubai mall(Image Courtesy: www.thenationalnews.com)

  1. Cinema Akil

From the plush cushions to independent movies galore, this promises to be a wonderful experience for enthusiasts. It is a shipping container in Al Quoz that has been transformed into a charming cinema that has 133 seats and showcases numerous independent and unique films each week. Themed programs here include Studio Ghibli week and many other local productions. Karak Chai is a specialty worth trying here along with the chili cheese toastie from the next-door Project Chaiwala. 

Address: Warehouse 68, Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 56995 1225

(Image Courtesy: www.dscvr.ae)

  1. Cinemacity Fountain Views

Located in Downtown Dubai, this theater offers VIP-like experiences for moviegoers. There are ladies night offers from 7 PM to midnight every Wednesday where women can purchase a movie ticket, two appetizers/rolls on the menu and three beverages for a reasonable amount. This cinema screens both global and regional films along with the latest blockbusters from Hollywood. 

Address: Fountain Views Blvd - Sh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 4770 0111

(Image Courtesy: www.commercialinteriordesign.com)

  1. Roxy Cinema, City Walk 

You can choose from Platinum Plus or Gold Plus experiences here. The hip City Walk area is an apt location which helps movie-goers dine at the numerous cafes and restaurants here, while indulging in shopping from global brands as well. 

Address: City Walk, Al wasl, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 800 7699

(Image Courtesy: www.lovethatdesigns.com)

  1. Reel Boutique, Rove Downtown

Guests will appreciate this intimate and charming movie theater in Downtown Dubai. It comes with seating capacity for 46 people and offers rentals for private movie parties or screenings as well. There are comfortable and plush chairs along with the latest flicks for audiences. 

Address: 312  Al Mustaqbal St Za'abeel, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 4561 9000

(Image Courtesy: www.chapmantaylor.com)

  1. VOX Private Cinema, Kempinski Mall of Emirates

This private movie theater is highly exclusive with only 15 seats. It offers a more intimate and comfortable ambience for private screenings of various movies. There is unlimited popcorn and beverages included in the ticket price as well. 

Address: Kempinski, Mall of Emirates, 3rd Floor, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 55167 3908

(Image Courtesy: www.kempinski.com)

  1. IMAX, IMG Worlds of Adventure 

Enjoy a jaw-dropping movie-watching experience at the largest IMAX in Dubai. It has a massive screen, courtesy of Novo Cinemas Cineplex, which measures around 24.4m wide and 13.8m high. There is seating capacity for up to 360 patrons while a 4K laser projection system is also used to screen movies here. 

Address: E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia , Dubai, UAE
Contact No: +971 600 503328

(Image Courtesy: www.gadgetvoize.com)

These are some of the top choices if you are seeking the right cinema in Dubai for a plush, unique, or spectacular movie-watching journey ahead. They offer a wide selection of films for enthusiasts along with several other add-ons that greatly elevate the overall experience for every patron. 

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