10 Weird and Strange Laws in Singapore with Infographic

Did you know about the weirdest laws in Singapore? Chances are, not at all! There are some truly strange regulations for all citizens. In fact, some of them are downright strange. Yet, it may contribute to Singapore’s lower crime rates in a way. Singapore is also known as a fine city. This means that Singapore is impeccable in many ways. Yet, it also means that it has fines for almost everything.

Discipline is everything in the island city. Singapore has harsh punishments not only for serious crimes. These are applicable to some minor offences as well. Laws are strict and so are the authorities here. Let this not be a deterrent to your visit. You will enjoy your stay in Singapore by all means. Yet, knowing some of the craziest laws in Singapore in advance is always useful.

Have a Look at the Top 10 Weird and Strange Laws in Singapore That You Should Know Before Traveling

1. Singing in Public

This carries a penalty of more than three months in jail. What are we talking about? Singing or reciting in public is not legal. It also extends to ballads or obscene songs. Breaking this law means imprisonment and a fine for violators. 

2. Wi-Fi Connections

Connecting to another individual’s Wi-Fi is a rule violation. This is also called hacking. The penalty is a fine of $10,000. It also carries jail time of three years in some cases. 

3. Pigeon Feeding

Feeding pigeons is a criminal offence in Singapore. Feeding them may land you in trouble. You will have to pay $500 for breaking this rule. 

4. Homosexuality

Singapore forbids relationships between same-sex citizens. The law is not as stringent as many others. It was once sex against the order of nature. Violating this rule means around two years in jail. 

5. Not Flushing

Not flushing a public urinal/toilet will lead to a steep fine. You will have to pay a sum of $150 in this case. Urinating in an elevator is another strict no-no. They come with UDD (Urine Detection Devices). They help in finding the urine scent. This leads to an alarm and the doors close. The police arrive and nab the suspects. 

6. Public Smoking

Smoking in public is illegal. Singapore has a law against public smoking. The penalty here is $152-760 in the island city. Singapore implements this law. The regulation ensures a healthy ambiance for the general public. You can smoke in your own house or room. You cannot enter the country with cigarettes as well. 

10 Strange Laws in Singapore Strange Laws in Singapore

7. Walking Naked in your House

Singapore has a stringent penalty for this offence. You cannot walk naked at home. This carries a hefty fine of $1,000. It may also lead to charges of pornography. Do not even violate this rule by mistake. 

8. Littering in Singapore

This is a good move. First-timers throwing smaller items will have to pay $300. Those littering thrice will have to clean up the streets once each week. They will have to wear a bib that says I am a litterer. This aims at making offenders feel guilty. They will hence not litter in the future. 

9. Selling Gum

The penalty for this offence is $100,000 and two years in prison. Chewing gum is not illegal but you cannot sell the same. As per Singapore laws, this is a punishable offence. 

10. Public Spitting

Singapore is not kind towards those who spit. You cannot spit in markets and coffee shops. You cannot spit on public roads and sidewalks. Breaking this law means paying a penalty of $1,000. 

You cannot also consume alcohol or party between 10.30 PM-7 AM. This carries fines up to $2,000. You should get your Government permit for any such party. The law came in only from the start of 2015. You cannot fly a kite in public as well. The punishment is $5,000 for this offence. This law is unavoidable in the island city. 

If you are planning your Singapore trip, check the rules and regulations. Make your travel itinerary in advance. Book travel tickets as well. Check out holiday apartments in Singapore nearby. These will give you added comfort and convenience on your trip.

Singapore is a beautiful city in all aspects. You should have the knowledge about these weird laws in Singapore that will keep you away from trouble and maintain the city's rules and regulations.

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