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Situated in Southeast Asia, Singapore can be found between the gorgeous nations of Malaysia and Indonesia. A prosperous and developed city-state, it is full of lush infrastructure, and unabashedly plays a major part in the world economy.

With its beautiful beaches and advanced skyscrapers, Singapore offers beauty with a  modern twist. Diversity being its middle name, the city-state holds a special place in the hearts of those looking for the perfect destination to go on holiday. Tropical climates, exotic attractions, bustling shopping areas and more make it the top holiday destination that it is.

Luckily for all, has a vast portfolio of holiday apartments in Singapore that tick all the necessary boxes for those that want centrally located apartments near all the attractions and transport connections. You’ll be able to find the perfect short stay with little to no hassle.

Best Holiday Apartments in Singapore

Looking for accommodation in Singapore? team has you covered.  Each one of our holiday serviced apartments in Singapore come with all the homely amenities that holidaymakers like you are looking for in short or extended stays. Plus, holiday apartments are more than suitable for families.

So, if you want a holiday apartment that comes with a flat-screen TV, fully equipped kitchen, comfy furniture, cosy bed and many more stunning features, then you know where to book. You’ll be able to arrive back at your Singapore luxury holiday apartment after a long day and simply unwind in all of its many features. Morning, afternoons and evenings will be pure heaven.

Want to know more? Then check out our vacation rentals in Singapore here and see which one suits all your needs and requirements.

Culture & Shopping in Singapore

For a different perspective of life in terms of culture, food, language and history, Singapore offers a spectacular mix. Arts and culture play a pivotal part in its outlook, as does architectural grace, perfectly exemplified by the Marina Sands. Known as the place where worlds meet,  you’ll be able to jump into Indian, Chinese and Malay food like they’re one and the same.

Shopping is a piece of cake here. Big international brands grace the shopping arenas of Orchard Road, Marina Bay, and Harbourfront. A more unique shopping experience can be had at Haji Lane, filled to the brim with hipsters, local designer’s boutiques, and quirky cafes.

At, we have many Singapore vacation rentals that are just a heartbeat from all the big shopping areas, meaning you and your family can buy all the exotic goods you want and be back home with your feet up in no time. Did we mention that our self-catering holiday apartments in Singapore are suitable for families?

Getting around in Singapore

It’s extremely easy to get around Singapore as Its public transport system is very efficient. One of the fastest ways to travel around Singapore is to use the MRT. These stations are near all the big sights like Orchard Road, Marina Sands, the Night Safari and more. Other forms of transport include taxis and buses - all of which have their perks. Some would say that the city is best explored on foot.

To make things more convenient for guests, our holiday rentals in Singapore are very close to MRT stations and some of the major highlights in the city.

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