12 Best Theatres in New York (NYC) for the Best Movie Experience

 12 Best Theatres in New York (NYC) for the Best Movie Experience

Top 12 Theaters in NYC

No other nation can rival New York City is offering the best movie experiences. It's incredible, and cinematic presentations, in general, continue to remain unparalleled. When it comes to watching a movie, the possibilities are vast. Every night seems to bring a new release and countless places to see it. There is always a location to watch movies on the big screen in New York. It could be for a short period. Besides, various movies are available on other platforms.

On this note, the top 12 renowned theaters in New York City are here.

1. AMC Magic Johnson Harlem - Harlem

AMC Magic Johnson Harlem - Harlem, New York

AMC Magic Johnson Harlem - Harlem, NYC (image courtesy: cinematreasures.org)

This is one of the best movie theaters in NYC. Sometimes you want to watch a new movie on opening night. You want a spotless theater with outstanding projection, a lively audience, and clean restrooms. But, you most definitely do not want to visit Times Square. Also close to all trains, the AMC Magic Johnson is present off 125th Street. It has fantastic dining options that aren't overwhelmed by visitors. Anyone can choose to eat at Bubba Gump after a movie.

2. Regal Union Square Stadium - Union Square

Regal Union Square Stadium, New York

Regal Union Square Stadium, NYC (image courtesy: unionsquarenyc.org)

There are several theatres in Union Square if there is one thing. So what distinguishes the Regal? What it does is, compared to many of the indie films around it, it presents more significant hits. You will be lucky if you have furnished apartments for rent in NYC near this theatre.

Also having blockbusters may also provide extra watching possibilities. There are 2D and 3D, of course, but there is also 4DX, which includes odours from the film and wind and water spray. Additionally, there is ScreenX, an immersive experience. It gives any movie a 270-degree sense by wrapping the screen around the seat.

3. AMC LOEWS Lincoln Square 13 - Broadway

AMC LOEWS Lincoln Square 13, New York

AMC LOEWS Lincoln Square 13, NYC (image courtesy: cinematreasures.org)

Another of the best movie theaters in NYC include the AMC LOEWS Lincoln Square 13. This theatre was the first in New York to have an enormous IMAX screen back in 1994. This is still a fantastic location to visit if you want to see a movie in 3D or on a large screen.

Although it has only 600 seats, it is one of the larger theatres in the US and sells out. To get the best seats, buy tickets at least an hour before the performance is best. Besides, row 1t will cause severe neck pain for anyone who becomes locked there.

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4. Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema, New York

Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY (image courtesy: thevendry.com)

Whatever your opinion of the current influx of dinner theatres, it's worth it. The food and drinks are as good as Nitehawk's. But, having servers scurrying about during Silver Linings Playbook can be annoying. Additionally, the two bars in the theatre, which serve wine and beer, allow you to drink before or after the movie. This is the best movie theaters in NYC.

5. The Paris Theater

The Paris Theater, New York

The Paris Theater, NYC (image courtesy: businessinsider.in)

Enjoy the thrills of this single-screen. This gallery-style theatre shows both international and indie films. The 57th Street metro station is far from the city's midtown movie Paris core. People with hearing impairments and disabled people can have access to special equipment.

6. AMC LOEWS 84TH Street 6

People still adore the AMC Loews 84th Street 6's plush crimson armchair seats. This, in a way, distinguishes the theatre from others. Additionally, there is much room between the chairs so you won't feel too close to your neighbour. So even though the ticket price at this theatre is higher than the others, it is still worthwhile. It is so far one of the best movie theatres in New York.

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7. Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Landmark Sunshine Cinema, New York

Landmark Sunshine Cinema, NYC (image courtesy: raelarchitectures.com)

A good selection of movies and midnight classics are available at this multiplex. It is present in a handsome Yiddish vaudeville theatre that opened in 1909. Highlights include midnight screenings of Space Jam, Pulp Fiction, or the Evil Dead series. Also, check out their popcorn options. The traditional bag is the epitome of salty, buttery bliss. And for a taste of something sweet, they also have caramel corn and slushies.

8. Alamo Drafthouse - City Point

Alamo Drafthouse - City Point, New York

Alamo Drafthouse - City Point, NYC (image courtesy: drafthouse.com)

This Austin import proved once again that this is one of the best movie theatres in New York. Watching a movie inside a mall may make you feel like you're in the suburbs. Once you take the elevator up, all that disappears. An enormous King Kong and plenty of craft beer at the eerie House of Wax bar will welcome you. It's located in Downtown Brooklyn close to every imaginable train.

9. AMC Loews 84th Street - Manhattan

Some people dislike going to the movies. It's because they dread having to sit motionless on a hard seat for two to three hours. This theatre is more popular for having comfortable seats than the others. This is what these people seek in a good theatre.

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10. Metrograph - Lower East Side

Metrograph - Lower East Side, NY

Metrograph - Lower East Side, New York (image courtesy: gq.com)

This is a brand-new theatre located near the Landmark multiplex. It is becoming popular with moviegoers in general and movie buffs.

The Metrograph is a LA Noir celebration of the motion picture business, not a two-screen theatre. There is a book store with only books on film criticism, a restaurant, a bar, a traditional sweet counter, and other establishments. The auditorium's wooden (yet comfy) chairs preserve the classic ambience of the theatre, which only screens 35mm film.

11. Film Forum - Greenwich Village

Film Forum - Greenwich Village, NY

Film Forum - Greenwich Village, NY (image courtesy: amny.com)

This theatre is well-liked among moviegoers for its propensity to screen movies. You may not have seen this before at the theatre. The movies are screened in theatres, but they are now only accessible through Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Yet, Film Forum offers you the chance to see that spaghetti western or that vintage film noir from the 1970s on the large screen the way the filmmaker intended.

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12. Anthology Film Archives - East Village

Anthology Film Archives - East Village

Anthology Film Archives - East Village (image courtesy: expansion-anthologyfilmarchives.org)

This is another best movie theaters in New York. Only those passionate about cinema in ALL its magnificence can visit this theater. It is NOT a place where you should go to see the newest Vin Diesel movie. This movie theater, a favourite among film students and die-hard movie buffs, doesn't even have a sign outside. No popcorn or beverage is available, and you can even sit on a wooden bench rather than a specific seat.

So, these were the top 12 best movie theaters that are among the most popular ones in New York City.


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