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20 Things to Know About Moving to New York

New York, USA New York, United States

Are you planning to move to New York? Perhaps, you will hear from every New Yorker that it is the best city on the planet. It offers delectable food, the best entertainment, and better than anything, you will get to explore some of the best places while in New York. But as a matter of fact, you must be prepared well to get used to living in this city. If you have never visited this city or are planning to come from a small town or city, then there are so many things to bear in mind. So, you are reading just the right post if you are moving to New York or thinking about it.

Here is a list of the most important points to know about the life you can expect in the city of New York:

1. New York is Expensive

Living in a city such as New York can be pretty expensive. The approximate cost of living in this big city is almost 62% higher, and accommodation costs could be 134% higher. Entertainment, food, taxes, laundry, and tipping are among the few instances of the necessities priced luxuriously in New York.

2. It's Loud and Happening

Someone who is not used to the hustles and bustles of a noisy city could find it challenging to live in a place like New York. The sound of city life always seems to be at the top. You could only imagine silence to be the holy grail of this big city. Surprisingly, it does not get any louder on the weekdays or weekends. Instead, it chooses to maintain a constant volume throughout the day. If you are among those who enjoy a noisy place, no other city could be better than New York. Here, you will always find the people shouting at the top of their voices, with continuous car honking. Therefore, you'd better carry your headphones with you.

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3. Keep it hyperlocal

New York, also known as the Big Apple city, has some of the most admirable surroundings for you to enjoy. Most of the time, the New York city that you want to experience will be around your apartment. Regardless of where you live in this city, your neighborhood is likely filled with deep culture traditions, ethnic demographics, and dominant cuisine. Well, you will enjoy it as it is going to make you curious.

4. Understand Gentrification

This is perhaps the most common topic of conversation that you will face here. The neighborhoods of this city are changing rapidly because of the resurgence of the city's popularity. This city is filled with young adventurous people, and with that, it comes to the increased rent and dilution of the historic micro cultures. But you have to be respectful to those living in this city for generations.

5. Public Transportation is a Must

Over half of families in New York City do not possess a car and rely on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for transportation. The NYC subway, which is open 24 hours a day, is often regarded as the quickest and most convenient mode of transportation in the city. You may also take advantage of over 70 express bus routes and 16 select service bus routes.

6. Being Healthy is a Requirement

The United States has the world's greatest population. So it's simple to understand why, especially in New York, anyone visiting the United States for the first time. Although living costs are high, there are several low-cost eating options available. It's even possible to purchase a salad with more than 1,000 calories! So when possible, shop wisely and eat healthily, although this isn't always doable.

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7. Rent a Storage Unit

Serviced apartments and other lodging options in New York are infamously tiny. If you can lie on your bed in your NYC flat, reach out with both arms, and not touch both walls, you are living in a castle! People who wish to bring all their belongings with them will need a rented property.

8. New York City has its Taxes

New York Local has a city income tax and a state income tax. The rate fluctuates based on the taxpayer's income and filing status. You'll still have to pay New York City taxes if you reside across the river in New Jersey and travel to Manhattan for work.

9. Weather in New York City Gets Extreme

Locals in New York City walk to the subway or work year-round, despite the snow and muck. Summers in New York City are hot, humid, and rainy, while winters are cold and windy. Year-round, partial cloud cover is prevalent, and the average temperature ranges from 28°F to 85°F. Locals should expect to see sub-zero temperatures or a heatwave now and then.

10. Keep away from Times Square

One thing that newcomers to New York City immediately notice is that Times Square is devoid of any New Yorkers at all. Locals avoid it like the plague; the city is already congested enough without adding to it! The lights, street entertainers, and overpriced restaurants and pubs are primarily for tourists' enjoyment.

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11. People are Shifting to New York City from East and West

According to the most recent migration study from Apartment List, most individuals are migrating to New York City from Philadelphia, with Miami and Washington following closely after. Renters in New York City consider relocating to Miami or Atlanta, where the temperature is milder. They are, however, considering relocating to Philadelphia, which is close by.

12. Developing FOMO

Whether you enjoyed socializing before relocating to New York or not, there is so much going on in the city at any one moment that it's difficult not to become immersed in the cultural and social activities that surround you. Even if you have a limited budget, the city offers a variety of free and subsidized events, such as free museum days, public art and performance such as Shakespeare in the Park, free kayaking on the Hudson, and frequent street fairs.

13. Explore the Beaches in the City

Visiting the beach as part of a relaxing routine is quite simple. Coney Island and Rockaway Beach are just a few stops distant on the Subway. Of course, they won't be free of New York's crowds, but something is calming about being in a group with sand beneath your toes.

14. There's No Personal Space

It's a bizarre idea to be lonely yet have no personal space. Unfortunately, it's only possible in New York. With so many people strolling along the street, someone is likely to collide with someone else. It is unavoidable. People are even closer together on the metro, face to face, or too close together, which is considerably worse. There is no need to be anxious about a lack of personal space. No one else in New York is like you!

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15. It Helps to Know the Subway Map

The good news is that New York is one of the few American cities where getting about without a car is simple. In addition, the city's public transportation system is extensive and efficient. The subway system is, of course, the showpiece. Because it might be a bit perplexing at first, we recommend downloading the system map to your phone or printing one-off to have in your pocket.

16. It Takes a Long Time to Get Almost Anywhere

One thing that is pretty much deceiving in this city is the distance. It indeed takes quite a long time to get to your destination. Even when traveling by subway, it could take about an hour to get to places that otherwise look close on the map.

17. Exploring the City is Worth Your While

You may not feel like braving the streets or the metro system to visit a new city section after a long week. Regardless, do it. It's a terrific way to get a feel for the city's layout, and every time you go out, you'll see something new and different.

18. Embrace the Exotic

The city's vast diversity of entertainment, nightlife, and culinary offerings are a big part of what makes it so unique. Prepare to be seen as simple as pumpkin spice lattes if you don't take advantage of the unusual. Make a point of getting out of your living room and seeing what the Big Apple offers.

19. Safety First

Although New York is one of the safest large cities globally, be smart. Don't be a target if you don't want to be a target. It's not a good idea to go out late in an unknown and statistically risky neighborhood by yourself. This is when common sense 101 comes into play. It's easy to be careless when you have a few brain cells to rub together. Make use of them!

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20. Everyone Gets Lost

Trying to find your way around a metropolis the size and complexity of New York is always a challenge. Getting lost should be viewed as a necessary learning experience for all newcomers. It is easier to travel than in most cities if people become acquainted with roadways' grid arrangement.

It all boils down to the finest rule of thumb for New York residents: always be prepared. Several neighborhoods in New York City range from fashionable to historic and residential. If you're relocating to New York City, it's good to consider how the relocation may affect your financial situation. Now that you have a basic idea in place, try and check out the best furnished apartments for rent in NYC that offer reasonable pricing and good amenities for the entire length of your stay. In fact, with good apartments at your fingertips, you can settle down in the city and plan for longer stays without the initial hassles of buying furniture, appliances, and so on, not to mention their costs! Check these out at the earliest.


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