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Top Events And Festivals In Tokyo In 2021

Tokyo is one of the world’s most historical and greatest cities with numerous special events being held round the year. These cover a wide gamut of attractions from cherry blossom festivals to food themed events, summer festivals, exhibitions and a whole lot more.

Tokyo Events and Festivals
Tokyo Events and Festivals

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, then you should check out the latest and updated calendar of events in Tokyo and also book yourself a serviced apartment Tokyo for a comfortable stay in the city as well. 

Do note that event schedules and itineraries are subject to change/cancellation on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Always scrutinize official websites carefully before booking. 

Here is a List of Upcoming/Ongoing Events and Festivals in Tokyo for 2021

1. Sanja Matsuri

Slated to take place between 14th and 16th May in 2021, Sanja Matsuri is Tokyo’s biggest and most exciting festival. It is also known as the Sanja Festival and takes place over 3 days every year on the third weekend of May at the Asakusa Shrine.

It is one of the three biggest Shinto festivals in Tokyo and honors Hinokuma Hamanari, Hajino Nakatomo and Hinokuma Takenari. They are the three luminaries who founded the iconic Senso-ji Temple.

The festival starts on a Friday afternoon with the famous Daigyoretsu parade and this has processions of Geisha, priests, dancers and musicians wearing costumes from the Edo Period. This goes through the Asakusa locality. 

On Saturdays, there are parades frontlined by more than 100 Mikoshi or portable shrines and traditional dancing and music from the Asakusa Shrine and Senso-ji Temple to various neighborhoods.

The teams compete with each other in terms of energy and on the final day, three huge Mikoshi join this parade. Every one of them weighs roughly a ton while requiring 40 million yen for construction purposes.

The Geisha are featured prominently in the festival along with Japanese drum or Taiko performances at particular times. This is one of the best festivals for exploring the real essence of Tokyo and its rich culture over the ages. 

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2. Ghibli Museum Exhibition

Ongoing in 2021, this new exhibition is taking place at the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka in Tokyo. The museum itself is dedicated towards Studio Ghibli, the animation film studio from Japan which has produced several iconic movies including Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away among others.

Movies by Studio Ghibli are popular worldwide and the Ghibli Museum has always been a major Tokyo attraction for foreign visitors as well. It opened in the year 2001 at Mitaka City and showcases works by Studio Ghibli including anime production techniques and other artwork.

The museum has a souvenir store, bookstore, café, rooftop garden and short-film screens at a theater. The Sketch, Flash, Spark! From the Ghibli Forest Sketchbook exhibition showcases 640 artworks and other materials of Studio Ghibli for over two decades including those by Hayao Miyazaki, the director. 

The exhibition is taking place at two rooms of this museum with the first room being dedicated towards the sketches and concept of the exhibition, talking about projects of Hayao Miyazaki and his process of creation.

The second room harnesses the concept called history and ideas of the museum, telling stories of the creation of the museum by Studio Ghibli via illustrations and several concepts. There is a 3D model displaying the completed Ghibli Museum in a fascinating manner.

Other exhibits include several trial and error concepts that have been revised over time. The approach of the iconic director and his quest for joy and fun is best experienced at this fantastic exhibition which will also depict his sufferings that went into making him successful today. 

3. Maxwell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Naked Flower Aquarium- Ongoing from 24th April this year till 27th June, this event is hosted by the Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, the well-known aquarium at Tokyo. It offers fabulous dolphin shows with lighting effects galore.

There are several attractions here at the event which is only a couple of minutes away from the Shinagawa Station. View innumerable sea creatures including 350+ species, 25,000+ fishes, dolphins, jellyfish, penguins, seals, capybara, manta rays and more.

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The first floor has the park entrance, coral café bar, jellyfish ramble and magical ground while the second floor contains the wonder tube, little paradise, aqua jungle, life museum, friendly square, wild street and the stadium. 

This aquarium will leave you floored with events showcasing its illuminations and art technologies. Some exhibits have fantastic lighting effects and the Jellyfish Ramble is worth visiting for its relaxing audio and colorful dimensions.

There are various interactive exhibitions and other attractions including a café, shop and even the dolphin show which is done with suitable music and lighting alike. This dolphin show takes place on a daily basis at the Stadium and has night and day versions alike.

The themes may change on the basis of season, i.e. fireworks, cherry blossoms, Christmas and Halloween. There are interactive programs with dynamic exhibits and shows and you can enjoy playing with animals, touching them and building new bonds, including dolphins and capybaras.

Maxell Aqua Park offers some of the best digital technologies and marine creatures in its exhibits. There is an admission charge although you can book tickets online with attractive offers and discounts as well. 

4. Disney Princess Exhibition

What is Love?- Disney will be hosting its acclaimed global festival- Ultimate Princess Celebration in Tokyo between 23rd June and 29th July, 2021. This event aims at infusing more love, warmth and kindness and courage into the lives of people.

Fans of Disney Princess will love viewing this exhibit which has a concept featuring 12 princesses from Pixar and Disney movies including Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Merida, Rapunzel and Moana.

The diverse shades, personalities and characteristics of the princesses will be highlighted at this exhibition while introducing each character, narrating their stories and love which made them shine eventually. 

The exhibition has 6 zones and comes with several methods including digital technologies, image, scents and sounds where viewers will enjoy using all their senses.

An interactive concept using Augmented Reality (AR) will be a major hit for visitors while there is a merchandise store offering several exclusive items based upon this unique theme and concept as well. 

These are some of the most exciting events taking place in Tokyo this year. Check out the event timings and ticketing information along with other travel advisories and recommendations. Do not forget to book your serviced apartments in Tokyo for a fulfilling stay. 

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