Top Events And Festivals In Tokyo In 2023

Tokyo is one of the world’s most historical and greatest cities with numerous special events being held around the year. These cover a wide gamut of attractions from cherry blossom festivals to food-themed events, summer festivals, exhibitions and a whole lot more.

If you are planning to visit Festivals In Tokyo, then you should check out the latest and updated calendar of events in Tokyo and also book yourself a serviced apartment in Tokyo for a comfortable stay in the city as well. 

Do note that event schedules and itineraries are subject to change/cancellation on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Always scrutinize official websites carefully before booking. 

Here is a List of Upcoming and Ongoing Events and Festivals in Tokyo for 2023

1. Earth Day Tokyo 2023

Earth Day Tokyo 2022

Earth Day Tokyo 2022 (image courtesy:

Billed for mid-April; although Earth Day is observed from "March 11 to May 30, 2023";  the main event days will be held on the weekends of "April 15 and 16."). This event will take place at Yoyogi Park over two days. Booths will be put up by non-profits in Japan working for the environment while there will be environment-friendly food on offer as well. Hence, is widely liked by locals and travellers alike making it among the most popular Events in Tokyo.

2. Shibuya Ohara Matsuri

Shibuya Ohara Matsuri

Shibuya Ohara Matsuri (image courtesy:

This dance festival is held in Shibuya in May and draws inspiration from the traditional Kyushu Island dance styles. It is a festival of friendship between Kagoshima and Tokyo. It will take place at the Shibuya Station’s Hacho stretch. This year the celebrations will be held on 28th May 2023; from 11 Am to 6 PM. So, don't forget to mark the date.

3. Sanno Festival

Sanno Festival

Sanno Festival (image courtesy:

It is held at the Hie shrine and there is a parade of numerous participants. The parade covers 9 hours in total. Being one of the most cherished Festivals In Tokyo City, it. In even-numbered years, it alternates with "Kanda Matsuri" and is expected to be held this year of 2023 on "June 7 and June 17.

4. Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival

Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival

It is held in the Minato Mirai area. There are 15,000 shells included in the fireworks display. The usual hours are 7 PM to 8.30 PM. This year the festival will take place early in Mid to late July on the 29th.  

5. Asakusa Samba Carnival

Asakusa Samba Carnival

Asakusa Samba Carnival (image courtesy:

Spearheaded by the Queen of the Drums; there is a dance contest that takes place, with approximately 20 competing teams in attendance; making it one of the largest street carnival Events in Tokyo. The usual hours are between 1 PM and 6 PM. Although the precise dates have not yet been set, the Asakusa Samba Carnival will, as always, typically take place on the final Saturday in August. So, to find out the precise day and hour for 2023, keep a watch on the event's official website.

6. 2023 Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show (image

This is the biggest video game conference in Tokyo held every September at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe. The four-day event has the last two days opening for the public while the first two days are for industry and press participants. The 2023 Tokyo Game Show will take place on Thu, 21 Sept 2023 – Sun, 24 Sept 2023.

7. 2023 Shibuya Halloween

Shibuya Halloween

Shibuya Halloween (image courtesy:

Halloween is now a big festival in Tokyo in its own right. The biggest event will be around Center Gai Street on the 31st of October (Halloween day) is the date of the 2023 Shibuya Halloween

8. 2023 Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival

Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival

Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival (image

The 2023 Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival commemorates Emperor Meiji’s birthday over three days of performances, cultural events, and martial arts displays. The festival will take place at Meiji Jingu Shrine Yabusame on the 3rd of Nov, 2023.

9. 2023 Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival (image courtesy:

The Chichibu Night Festival has a fireworks display, mikoshi and floats. The two-hour fireworks display concludes the spectacular festival. The crowning moment is on the night of 3rd December at the Chichibu Shrine. Chants accompany the taking of the huge mikoshi and float to the summit. The peak timing is between 6-8.30 PM on this date. The main area is near the Chichibu Shrine and the Chichibu Station lies nearby. The dates for the Chichibu Night Festival are the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2023. 

These are some of the most exciting events and festivals in Tokyo that will take place this year. Check out the event timings and ticketing information along with other travel advisories and recommendations.

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