Best Time to Visit Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai (Image Courtesy:

Dubai is a destination that is visited by tourists. People like to visit the city mainly between April and October because of the cool temperatures. During the summer months, the cities become quite hot and dry, making traveling uncomfortable. But from April to October, you will find several festivals worth attending, beautiful beach escapes, and amazing hotel deals. Therefore, if you want to experience Dubai the most then you must visit the city during this time of the year. The city is filled with unique cultural experiences, superlative shopping malls, and commanding skyscrapers. 


Weather in Dubai

The best time to travel to Dubai is between April and October. Many people like to travel to the city during summers but the extreme temperatures can be quite unbearable for most people. Fall begins from September to November when the temperature starts going down. This is the prime time for travellers to visit Dubai.  


Popular Festivals and Events

The city is host to many festivals and events throughout the year. The culture of Dubai is to bring together families and friends during festivals such as Eid and Ramadan. The festivals are enjoyed by tourists throughout the year. In winter, Dubai hosts many great events and festivals, like the Dubai National Day that is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Therefore, it is the best time to visit Dubai. If you wish to visit the city during this time then you must make your bookings accommodations at the earliest. There are many hotels available that offer amazing deals when booked in advance. In this article, you will get a monthly guide to decide when you should visit the city. 


Tourist attractions 

Some of the most popular attractions in Dubai are available throughout the year like the outdoor shopping markets or souks, the Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa. People can enjoy the tourist attractions based on the month they visit the city. For example, a desert safari along with dinner in the sky and activities like dune bashing is not ideal during summers. The extreme heat between June and August make it difficult to enjoy these outdoor activities. Travellers must also keep in mind the sacred month of Ramadan and other religious holidays when deciding to visit the city. Many general things that can be done openly throughout the year such as consuming anything in public at restaurants will not be allowed during Ramadan. This is because locals fast during the day. Some upscale places like Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay are an exception as they have black-out curtains to prevent outsiders from seeing guests eating during Ramadan. Let us have a look at some of the best months to visit Dubai explained in detail below:



The mild temperatures in January make it one of the cheapest months to visit Dubai. It is the peak season as the tourists can enjoy the bright skies and sunny days at a comfortable temperature. 

Events to look forward to:

  • January is the best time to go to Dubai for shopping lovers because of the Dubai Shopping Festival as it has many malls and shops in the city. 
  • The Dubai Marathon also takes place in January where travellers can attend by paying a small fee. 


It is one of the high seasons in Dubai as February has a fairly cool evening with a little rain. Travellers can enjoy outdoor activities like beach hangouts and desert safaris to the fullest during this month.

Events to look forward to:

An annual event known as the Dubai International Jazz Festival is held this month. The event is organized in the Media City of Dubai which features pop and jazz icons like John Legend, Mariah Carey, and Toto.


The temperature of the city starts rising in the month of March. But the weather is still bearable that allowing travellers to enjoy several events and activities across the city. The city receives a moderate amount of wind and rain during this time of the year. 

Events to look forward to:

  • The Dubai Art festival is a prominent art show that is held in March. Many art lovers from across the globe come to Dubai to enjoy the innovative artwork and contemporary art galleries from local talents across the city. 
  • Travellers can also enjoy the Dubai World Cup which is hosted at The Nad Al Sheba course which features the best jockeys, horses, and trainers. 
  • A massive celebration at the Dubai Food Festival is also one of the best tourist attractions in the month of April. It offers travellers amazing dining deals, culinary events and masterclasses.  


April is the end month of the peak season when the number of travellers starts decreasing but the hotel prices remain high still. 

Events to look forward to:

  • The pop-culture festivals like the MEFCC are hosted in April at the World Trade Center of Dubai. The event features celebrities, music, and art exhibitions to celebrate gaming entertainment and film. 
  • The International Film Festival of Children is also hosted at the end of April that promotes filmmaking. 


May is called the shoulder season as it marks the beginning of extreme summer heat in the city. It is one of the warmest months of the year and the hotels are more affordable during this time. People love to enjoy the breezy beaches as they are less crowded in this season.  

Events to look forward to:

  • The Al Gaffal Dhow Race is annually held in early May. In this race, over 100 traditional boats take part which draws almost 3,000 participants in the Arabian Gulf. 


June marks the warm summer temperature. Tourists enjoy the Muslim culture with locals fasting throughout the day. If it's Ramadan this month, then be ready to witness restaurants closed during the afternoon. Eating in public is prohibited during this holy month.  


Events to look forward to:

  • There is a Ramadan Night Market for 10 days which features several brands in over 300 outlets. 


July is one of the hottest months with sunny and steamy days. It also has a month-long celebration called the Dubai Summer Surprises offering reduced hotel rates, family-friendly activities, and discounts on shopping. 

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It is quite humid, hot and sticky during August. It is the hottest and most humid month of the year. Travellers can enjoy an indoor movie and south Indian entertainment in the hot temperature. 


The beginning of fall season begins in September. Dubai becomes pleasant for outdoor activities during this time as the temperature is less humid.


Dubai becomes all the more pleasant in October for outdoor fun activities. Travellers can enjoy camel racing and GITEX Week in the pleasant weather of October.


November brings in cooler temperatures with no rainfall. Visitors can attend the Dubai Design Week which hosts local installations and designer exhibitions.


It is one of the best months to visit the city. Dubai looks stunning in winter temperatures which makes it one of the best holiday seasons for visitors and locals. People celebrate the National Day of UAE that holds many different activities such as concerts, fireworks displays, and gatherings to mark the independence day of Dubai. The Rugby Sevens tournament of Dubai is another popular event that attracts people from across the globe.  

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