Christmas Shopping in NYC

Christmas in New York is a spectacular experience to say the least! The lit-up streets, hordes of events, smiling faces, and the nip in the air, contribute to creating that special feel that all travelers long for. There’s even better news for you, if you’re planning on going Christmas shopping in New York

The Big Apple comes alive during the holiday period, with several markets, stores, pop-ups, and gift shops offering exciting finds!

On that note, here’s taking a look at the best places for shopping in New York for Christmas:

1. Winter Flea

Winter Flea in Brooklyn is un-missable if you’re a serious shopper. This Christmas market is nestled in the chic Industry City, offering numerous attractions, from charming antique furnishings and hand-crafted home products to retro movie posters and almost verything else! 

2. Macy’s

Christmas in New York City is incomplete without a trip to Macy’s. The flagship Herald Square store is a classic option for Christmas shopping and with good reason! Go all out, bagging the best deals on electronics, home décor items, apparel, cosmetics and even the perfect cookware for whipping up delicious festive meals at home! If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself done and dusted in a day! The famous Christmas displays at Macy’s are worth viewing as well. 

3. Strand Book Store

Bookworms have a reason to rejoice as well! New York’s Strand Book Store contains roughly 2.5 billion (and counting) rare, used, or new books, covering a whopping 29 kilometres! If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas reads, this is where to find it! Everything from non-fiction and fiction to poetry and travel books, are available for your perusal in downtown. 

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Another classic Christmas shopping outlet, Dylan’s Candy Bar helps fill up your stockings and then some! Find a charming boutique store, straight out of a fantasy, with 5,000+ types of candy and other treats like Belgian chocolate as well. Try the cheesecake and gingerbread home kits for sure! 

5. MoMA Design Store

The MoMA Design Store offers exciting gifts for Christmas that you will fall in love with! This gift shop at the legendary Museum of Modern Art offers products in various categories like technology, home, accessories, kitchenware, and more. You can find unique collectibles here as well.


STORY is an innovative concept store that offers varying merchandise and novel experiences for visitors. Find designer products like candles along with travel pillows, and a lot more.

7. Tiffany & Co.

Does the name even need an introduction? Tiffany & Co. in New York City does not only offer costly jewellery but several comparatively affordable accessories including sterling silver items, homeware, China and more. Find something to stuff your stocking neatly on Christmas and the famous location will give you that unexplainable feeling for sure! 

8. Zabar's

Zabar’s is a speciality store nestled on the Upper West Side, offering specially-themed boxes, baskets and kits that you can pick up for Christmas. Try the Morning Basics basket, containing a delicious spread while the New York Goodies box is also worth checking out. You can also find Tuscan biscotti wrapped individually in a handcrafted jar. Talk about innovation!

9. Grand Central Holiday Fair

The Grand Central Holiday Fair takes place at the legendary Grand Central railway station while being the sole seasonal city market that is set up indoors. Several well-known organisations like the Transit Museum, also sell their products along this stretch. Find everything from jewellery and gourmet eats to apparel and more! The market stays open till evening on Christmas Eve while staying closed on Thanksgiving day. 

10. Bloomingdale’s

Another classic Christmas addition to your list is Bloomingdale’s for sure! This Upper East Side marvel holds its own, even when pitted against formidable luxury counterparts in NYC like Saks or Barney’s. Find many an enchanting gift wrapped in those famous brown bags. The strategic location means that you can just stay indoors and hop over to the subway exit without venturing into the cold! The goods are top-notch with competitive pricing as well. 

11. Pearl River Mart

This Soho market is not a regular Christmas market but you should not skip it all the same! This is because you will fall in love with the adorable Chinese market tucked in between Soho’s wealth of designer retail outlets. Enjoy picking up the most delightful home décor and clothing along with several furniture items and other attractions. You can find something to suit every need and pocket at this market. Budget an hour at least, to fully enjoy this landmark! 

12. Winter Village, Bryant Park

Bryant Park is home to The Holiday Shops, part of the Winter Village. 100+ vendors assemble here along with the Celsius local pop-up restaurant. The ice skating rink stands in the centre, surrounded by open-air shops that look like neat jewellery boxes. You will love fishing for novel clothing and jewellery items here, along with a lot more! The market stays open even beyond New Year, so you can take your time and visit it later. Bryant Park witnesses a magical transformation at this time, turning into a mini Christmas village, complete with its attractive skating rink. This market is a must-visit when you’re in New York City for Christmas. 

13. Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasburg Winter Market

Another name that you should have on your list is the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg Winter Market. Many locals will tell you that it is arguably one of the best summer markets in the nation. Even after the exit of summer, the Brooklyn Flea joins hands with the delicious food property Smorgasburg and ventures inside to a new place each year. For instance, in 2020, last year was about visiting the market in Williamsburg and it went on till the month of April. You will love exploring rescued and restored furniture items along with vintage apparel, handcrafted jewellery and a lot more. Several branded outlets are also present here along with independent boutique stores. The food outlets are just as enticing as the wares on offer! 

14. Century 21

Century 21 is an ideal shopping destination for those seeking enticing Christmas bargains! This Christmas, venture out to this marvel in the Financial District, digging out the finest designer brands and premium offerings at unbelievable prices! The only thing to know is that the store itself is a quirky affair. You will need a lot of time in hand along with oodles of patience, to successfully find some great stuff. It requires tenacity to ferret through the displays, for coming up with hidden gems at fabulous rates. Keep a day for the experience if you can! A clear plan of what to purchase is always recommended in advance! 

Now that you’ve got your shopping guide for Christmas, firm up your itinerary, book your travel tickets and book holiday apartments in New York. Finalizing accommodation in advance will help you enjoy a memorable trip in the Big Apple without bothering about anything else! Make sure that you select a convenient location that gives you access to the city centre, major markets, museums, and other landmarks. Here’s to a merry and memorable Christmas in New York. As for shopping, with the above-mentioned list at your fingertips, you know where to head! 


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